Duck baby socks - Spring Is In the Air Challenge Entry

I’ve wanted to make these fun socks for 10+ years, ever since I saw it in the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of Knitty. It’s a ”piquant” pattern according to their grading, but I was a pretty adventourous knitter back then so I think I could have pulled them off. Instead I learned lace knitting and knitted, my wedding shawl from another Knitty pattern.

Well, it was finally time. My cousin was having a baby. I had a skein of ”just right” yellow baby wool yarn. Why not?

It is a really fun pattern. I got to learn Turkish cast on, and practice my applied icords.

The toe ridges are applied after knitting the foot, and they run from the top of the foot to the bottom, and then up the heel. I used a modification mentioned on the pattern page on ravelry and grafted the heel closed instead of icording it closed. This meant I could do both side toes at the same time, just going from toe to toe across the heel.

Still, plenty of ends to weave in…

In progress shot with the fun construction. The leg part is picked up starting from those three icord stitches after going around and up the heel.

Other than the suggested modifications I also made the leg part longer to give a better chance of the socks staying on the baby.

And finally a pattern link, if you want more duck fashion in your life!


So stinkin’ cute! Love it!

I do. I do want more duck fashion in my life. These are the most fun!


These are just brilliant! I need a pair of duck socks for me

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These are ridiculously and hilariously adorable!

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They turned out so cute!


I also have wanted to make these for about as long and never did- good for you for getting them done and so well!


Any chance of an action shot?

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Holy cow these are cute!!!

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So precious! My brother had duck slippers when he was little, these remind me of them. Love em.

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Cuteness overload! So adorable.

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Thank you all for the kind words!

I just checked the designers other patterns, because I know there’s a toddler version that I thought might work to modify for adult feet. No need! There’s an adult version too!

Felting seems like a good idea to keep the structural integrity and avoid floppy feet. It’s not a problem for the baby socks, but might be for bigger ones.

I’ll try to add an action shot if/when I get one. I’m mailing these to my cousin so I’d need her to send pictures. :slight_smile:

@AntBee it was a fun pattern. I had a bit of trouble starting the icord on top of the foot and have it look like the pictures provided, but that was the only part that was somewhat confusing. I did it like the pictures and then had to move the stitches from the holder to my circular needle to avoid getting an extra yarn over when starting. Other than that ”trust the pattern” worked. Still, I’d reccomend trying it.


Yay! I love this pattern only I ended up with a baby who kicked everything off her feet until after she started walking… Hope your cousin’s baby gets more use out of them!


These are sooo fun!! Love the progress pics. Perfect for the spring challenge!!

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Even if it just stays on for a moment I got a kick out of making them. I’m happy if they just make the parents smile.

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What a cute and fun idea!

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They are adorable! I will admit I thought by the title that you made little socks for ducklings :sweat_smile:


Super cute!

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Holy cow! I mean, duck! These are both awesome and hysterical!

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I had to look at the pattern because I was totally hoping that there was a baby to model the feet. And there was. And now I am pleased, even if the baby looked grumpy.
I would have been so happy if someone made these for my (now 10 yo) baby.