Easter Egg Swap Rd 2 Gallery! S/O March 24

Hop to it and show off your basket of goodies!
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This is the gallery for the Easter Egg Swap rd 2!

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The emojis you picked for the send statuses are awesome. The drumstick cracked me up!


Woohoo! I received today and you guys are not going to believe your eyes. @Kwality570 completely spoiled me, so this will be picture-heavy. First, here are the unopened eggs.

You will notice there is an extra, XL egg. We’ll save that for last. Also, did you notice the cute, handmade basket? No? Here’s a better picture, then.

The purchased items were many rolls of washi tape and some cute enamel pins.

The one on the left says, “I like yarn and I can KNOT lie,” and the one on the right says “Yarn is my spirit animal.” Haha!
Of course, the stars of the show were the handcrafted items. I had asked for crafter swag and she did not disappoint! There was a scrappy purse fob with a hand-stamped metal tag. Some really cool fibers in there.

Next, a super-appropriate-for-me adult merit badge. Love it!

Last, the crowning jewel, the contents of that XL egg. The embroidery is astoundingly beautiful, and the metal embellishment puts it over the top. Love, love, love!!!

I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to do all those knots and stitches. Gorgeous! Thanks so much, @Kwality570!


Nice way to build up the suspense for that last absolutely mind blowing piece! Everything is wonderful, but the finale…just wow! I even love the egg shaped frame!


Wow, wow, wow!
What a grand start to the gallery!
Everything is fabulous, @Kwality570 !!
I also can’t imagine the time spent on those French knots, and the basket is to die for!


I received mine today from @gozer! I opened the box to these adorable eggs nestled inside

And could not contain my excitement to open them but first had to really “oooo” and “awww” over just how cute the eggs were.

I opened the first and there were these 3 cute little chocolate lambs inside. (In the pictures you’ll notice a shortage… my hubby was pleasantly pleased when I shared them with him. Lol)
Then I opened the second and actually squealed outloud! This adorable, little sweet felt bunny started peeking out at me!

Then of course I had to hurry and open the third and there was two yummy Cadbury eggs!
Annnnd last but not least… another gush and squeal because when i opened the last egg, it had these cute little darlings in it and some really pretty address labels!

Thank you so much @gozer! I absolute love all of it and will cherish those adorable bunnies!
My husband thanks you too! Lol


Those little felted bunnies and heart are just adorable!


What adorable bunnies! The first one has such personality, and such a vintage vibe. And the little felt ones are so cute and colorful, along with the sweet little heart. The address labels were a great idea, too. Great swap package!


Wonderful packages🙂
That hoop must have taken ages to make.
Love the little bunnies. So cute.


This gallery is off to a great start!!

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what a wonderful pkg! I can’t get over the cute decorated eggs! @gozer well done!

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I got home from my travels, and my pkg was waiting patiently!
I am blown away by how personalized it is, and I adore each & every part!
@Bunny1kenobi sent a fantastic pkg as usual :smiley:

First the cute & funny eggs~

The card is so beautiful & meaningful :heart:
And I am a big fan of these peeps, so they will be devoured later today.


Egg #1 =
The cutest bunting!! We must have been on the same wavelength, bec I was SO close to making a bunting for you, but I had decision paralysis & couldn’t move forward with it.
I will find a special place for this.

Egg #2 = I was curious at the hangers taped on the outside of the egg, so of course I had to dive in to that one…Not 1, not 2, but THREE little cross stitch kits, which are just the right size for my attn span :slight_smile:
I should also add that. I keep misplacing my cross stitch needles and can never find them when I’m ready to start a piece. Now I have three so that should remedy that problem!

Egg #3 = a pk of herbal tea to try & 3 cute lil animal friends!

Egg #4 = 2 badges and a key chain! One badge is sewn from felt (beautiful) and the 2nd was knitted! Then covered with a felt + vinyl cover – it is fabulous! I cannot even imagine how time-consuming this process was. It looks great and I will treasure it. The key chain is pretty as well, and I like the neutral tones! It will go with any purse I choose to clip it on

and I can’t forget the address labels! I am constantly running out of these and am thrilled to get more

I hope I didn’t forget to mention anything! You really spoiled me…
I can’t give you enough kudos! This is absolutely wonderful, my friend!


I’m glad you like all your goodies! :smile:


@Kwality570 - A basket with the eggs is fantastic! Love the colors of the keyfob and the badge is cool. It looks so soft and comforting. That Embroidery is AMAZING!!! I love the color transition. Wonderful package!

@Bunny1kenobi - Your package looks great. The bunting is cool. Can you or @kayrun post some close-up picks of the badges and keychain? I can’t really see them. I think I see a little book? The cross-stitch kits look adorable.



Ooh! So pretty! Thank you for the detailed shots @Bunny1kenobi. I can’t believe how small you got that book patch. That’s incredible.


I can’t believe what all you guys are putting into those eggs! I love the classic elegance of the key chain charm! Just beautiful work and combo!


Wow! Great little treasures. Love “used the good yarn”!


I got my package from @Juju on Monday, but my life has been kind of hectic so I couldn’t post until now.

She sent me so many goodies and treats! Where to begin? Let’s start with the adorable paperclip bookmarks and delicious Lindor white chocolate eggs! Each of the bookmarks has a cute little button on the back so they are cute from both sides.

Then she send me this cute pendant-type necklace of a pretty pink flower & butterfly, a mushroom keychain that my sister would steal if she saw it, and some adorable cat paperclips!

She sent me two more pendants as well! One is a Spring theme and one for Easter!

And lastly, she spoiled me with even more candy. Peeps, marshmallow chocolate egg, and some jellybeans! Oh! And another Harry Potter necklace.

Thank you so much @Juju Your package really brightened my day! I love it. :heartpulse: