Easter Egg Swap Rd 2 Gallery! S/O March 24

Oh, hey, I recognize that button! :grin: That’s an excellent use for it. :green_heart:


Yes, @thanate, you recognize correctly! You made the cool, chunky butterfly button. I claimed it (and its sisters) in the Shop the Swap market this past fall, with the idea of turning them into jewelry.

The swirly charm is actually supposed to be a stylized eye. It was supposed to be turned into a bracelet, similar to the butterfly one. But its delivery was delayed and it arrived literally as I was walking out the door to mail the package. So I guess you will have to make the bracelet yourself.

Glad you like everything, @Kwality570! Happy the pull-string eggs seem to have worked. (I wished I could have made those eggs for both my swap partners, but doubt @Sleepless-Ghost’s Estonian customs office would have approved of them.)


what a cool cover for the eggs!
I love everything you made – wow!


What a great package! I adore that little dinosaur! It’s all lovely!


What a fab package! The dangler, the dinosaurs, the buttons, oh my!


Oh, hey there.

All you swapping swappers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?

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Wow :heart_eyes:
Was away for a few days due to loss in family.
It’s so nice to come here and see all the cute things everyone has received.
So sweet packages.
Can’t wait to receive mine :upside_down_face:


Sorry for your family loss. :heart: Hope your package arrives soon! :crossed_fingers:

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Yay! @Sleepless-Ghost’s package arrived today, and she totally spoiled me. I’m in love with everything!
Here is the total package. I’ve never seen Easter basket grass that was so thin and fine.

So much wonderful and unfamiliar candy. I’ve already tasted some of it. Delicious! (I wish I could have reciprocated, but the customs rules said no food.)

I said I liked washi tape, so she sent me a couple of rolls with really pretty designs.

All of the eggs were stuffed with a beautiful, handmade-looking paper. She made three hand-carved stamps with a spring/Easter theme. Can’t wait to mount them and try them out!

Next, there is a gorgeous leaf ornament, handmade from wire and beads. Truly stunning; I plan to hang it in a window.

And last, this amazing, hand-stitched adult merit badge. The density of the stitching is incredible! I love it so much!

Thanks so much, Eva! Everything you made is just amazing!
Hope your package arrives soon!


Yay :smiley:
I’m really glad that you liked everything and that the package arrived safely.
Was getting worried already.


Wow, @Sleepless-Ghost … you sure have a lot of crafting skills! The variety is fabulous…love the leaf ornament!


Happy Easter, all!

Lovely pkg @Sleepless-Ghost ! Your crafty work is just lovely!


:grin::grin::grin:Just received my package from @endymion :smiley:
Took some time with customs and everything but it finally got here :hatching_chick::smile:
Will open and take pictures after work.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
OMG! I love this package from @endymion !!! I know it’s for easter but it feels like christmas to me :grin:

The eggs were inside a cute fabric basket that was lined with tulle.

The basket itself is covered in crafty words. Perfect for my crafting room. :smile:

Next some cute stickers :rabbit:

These little charm bottles are adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Treasureeeee! :grin: My favourites are the recycled charms that are made out of old beverage cans and the little Soot sprite. There are so many lil bits and bobs to make something that I will get to know later when Pam sends me pictures of the final product. (can’t wait to see what she had in mind)

Lovely embroidered patch that is already on the way of becoming a part of my summer jacket.

This crochet cutie No face is so well made. The picture does it no justice. In reality it looks soooo much more cuter and is so squishy :heart_eyes:

Two beautiful wrist wraps…They look awesome as chokers too :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

A lovely piece of Alice in wonderland fabric :heart_eyes:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much Pam for this awesome swap package! It was so much fun opening the eggs and finding little treasures inside.


Ooo those whimsies made out of recycled cans are so cool! Plus all the other fab stuff you got. I think Cinnamaroll is my second favorite Sanrio character after Pandapple (and HK herself).


Love the patch.

We need to know more about those recycled can bobbles!

Pam always does a fun package…full of surprises and things you never knew you needed until you see them! :laughing:


Amazing package. I am always in awe of how much people can stuff into those tiny eggs! Ha! The bracelets are very cool, and the whimsies are so fun. That No Face is fantastic!


Yay! I’m so glad it arrived!
Most of the little charms and beads are intended for the trapeze earrings. The idea was that you could change what was on the earrings any time you wanted, so that it would be like having lots of pairs. (The wires on the asymmetrical trapezes open and close.)

Here is the way I intended to send it (before I read that you are not allowed to send “jewelry” from US to Estonia, after which I dis-assembled it and sent it as “craft supplies”.)

I did make some of the spacers and dangles from recycled beverage cans.

I’m so happy you like everything, @Sleepless-Ghost! I tried to make everything in your style.


LoL I was definitely not in the middle of trying to fit every single charm on these earrings. :sweat_smile:


Hahaha! They would be very heavy if they had all the charms at once!

Oh, and the fabric basket is reversible.