Easy Dishcloth

After seeing @geekgirl’s cute little hand towel, I asked her what the pattern was. It’s very simple:

Crochet an odd number of chains.
In the second chain from the hook, sc
Dc in the next stitch
Continue sc then dc, ending the row with a dc.
Ch 1 and turn
Repeat the sc then dc across (you’ll sc into a dc below, and dc into a sc below).

I started with 31 chains, and did enough rows to make a square. It’s a little bigger than I wanted, so the next time I might start with 25 or 27 chains. Or maybe not!


It looks great! Love the gray

Thank you! It reminds me a bit of a very “modern” take on Tortoro :wink:

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Cute stitch and cute stripe!

lol I thought so, too!

Turned out lovely…I like projects that are pretty and practical!

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Here are 2 more! I made them smaller, using 27 chains to start with. This is such an easy pattern, and it’s great for using up leftover cotton yarn!


I love stash busting my dishcloth cotton. Nicely done!

Thanks! And, now that I have gotten over my intense dislike of weaving in ends, I really like to make striped cloths to use up even more of the stash!

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Making dishwashing a bit more pleasurable! I bet the texture helps give just a bit more scrubbing power, too.

I hope so! I haven’t used mine yet :slight_smile: