Hand towel for my half-bath

I had a smallish skein of really soft light gray tencel yarn and wanted to do something with it. I made hand towel for my 1/2 bath which dark gray. I used most the skein. I could have probably gotten another row in but didn’t want to take chances!


The little scallops on the bottom are darling.

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thanks! it’s my favorite edging.

That’s so pretty!

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It looks great, the scalloped border gives it a little something special and the pop of colour is a nice contrast. Now, the big question - how absorbent do you find the tencel?

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Cute! :heart_eyes:

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I love tencel!! And your towel is great! The 2 stripes rock!

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Love that color…it is so neutral but then you can add whatever color you like!

I have never used tencel…but I know it is great for clothing…so soft and durable!

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I agree that the scallops are the perfect edging! But, what’s the stitch pattern that you used? I like it a lot!

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Super cute! It looks like it would feel like a luxury to dry your hands on.

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It’s super simple @craftADDchick . You chain an odd number and starting in second chain from hook you alternate single crochet, double crochet. Ending with double crochet and you should have an even number of stitches. Then chain one and turn.
Then repeat single, double, single, double. So that each new single crochet is in a double from the previous row and each new double is in a single of the previous row.

I really like the look of this pattern and use it for dishcloths and used it on this blanket.


It’s absorbent enough. Not as absorbent as most cottons but more than some store bought hand towels I’ve hand.

Thanks! It sounds (and looks) just like a pattern my mom’s friend used, but she couldn’t clearly explain it to me. Her daughter wrote it down for me, but I don’t know what happened to it.

I have some cotton yarn here, and can try it out on a dishcloth. I’ll show it my mom and see if she recognizes the pattern :slight_smile: