More Easy Dishcloths!

While packing for a trip last weekend that involved several hours of car travel, I knew I needed something to keep me busy. And, since I can crochet without getting carsick, I decided to try to use up some leftover cotton yarn from previous dishcloth projects.

For both of these, I used the pattern I posted here: Easy Dishcloth (I got it from @geekgirl).

For the first one, I didn’t realize I had as much purple left as I did, and if I had been paying better attention, I would have made several purple stripes instead of one big block. But, I did manage to use almost all of it up. I was a couple of stitches shy of one more row.

The photo for this one really doesn’t show the color very well. I’ll try to get a better one when I have better lighting. But, it’s made with a light aqua yarn and 2 shades of blue. I started and ended with 5 rows of the aqua, and all of the other stripes were 3 rows each.

I think the first one had 27 stitches across for the starting chain, and the second one had 29 stitches across for the starting chain.


That’s a good way to spend a long car ride, you get to go somewhere and you end up with something pretty and useful :slight_smile:
I wonder if I can crochet in the car, I get carsick if I read for more than a few minutes.


I get carsick from reading, too, now. I think it comes from moving my eyes across the page. With crochet, I’m looking at one spot, and I can look up often. I try to do a pattern that I don’t have to read, so this one, along with my Road Trip Dishcloth, and the linen stitch, are my go-to car crochet patterns.

I can car crochet too! and I LOOOOOVE handmade dish cloths. The colors are so pretty and I love the denseness of the stitch

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These turned out great! I never thought to bring a little project like this in the car with me. I generally will bring whatever I’m working on which tends to be a complicated pattern that I have to pay attention to. I never actually work on it, but something like this, I might!

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Pretty and useful! Way to go!

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Great job stash busting, and crafting while on the go!

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The good thing about dishcloths is that if I make a mistake, it’s just a dishcloth! It isn’t something that needs to be perfect. But, if I have to take out a row to fix something, it’s small enough that it isn’t a problem.

And, I have a hard time riding in the car without something to do since I can’t read in the car anymore. Crochet really is the perfect car craft! I tried embroidery, but with road bumps, it was hard to get my needle where I wanted. Cross stitch is a little easier, but reading the pattern is a little tricky, so crochet beats them all!

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Perfect colors! And the stitch! Good job!

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Thanks! I have small bits to use up, but I don’t love when they’re totally random, so I try to coordinate things when I can :slight_smile:

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Here’s another one! I went up to Vermont last weekend with my sister for the Cheese Hunt and had several hours in the car. The edge is a little wonky because I forgot scissors, so I couldn’t cut the yarn at the end of each row. It slightly affected my tension. But I do like how balanced the stripes are!

What a great way to get through a long drive. Love your dishcloths!

Thank you! I find that I have a hard time just sitting during a long drive. So, it makes me feel like I’m using my time wisely :slight_smile: