Easy tortillas with just 3 ingredients

Once upon a time, I had a roommate who would just throw some flour, water and salt on the counter, and he’d have flour tortillas ready to fry.

He used to playfully tease me about always looking at recipes before I started cooking anything–even though I usually just used them for inspiration, and the end product was usually pretty different.

Anyway, today I decided to give his method a try. No recipe; just throw the stuff on the counter and off you go.

The counter was a fail, but then I did the same thing in a bowl, and greased my hands with olive oil before mixing the dough a bit more. Then I pulled some balls from the main one, rolled them out really thin and fried them about 1 minute per side.



My roommate would be proud. I think. :smiling_face:

I couldn’t give you a recipe because the whole point was to not have one… but basically throw some flour in a bowl, a dash of salt, and then add water little by little until you achieve a smooth dough consistency. Pull out small balls, flatten them with your hand, and roll them out very thin. I used a rolling pin, but you could just as easily use your hand.


My great grandmother used to make biscuits (not cookies…) that way! She had a special biscuit bowl where she threw in flour, butter, and whatever else to make the most fluffy, light biscuits ever! I have had some success doing this method, but I still haven’t mastered it!

I think every culture has a similar flour recipe…tortillas, naan, biscuits, etc.

Looks like you will be carrying on the tradition of your roommate! Happy cooking!


Just awesome! I feel like I am just now starting to step away from the recipe “book.” Good for you taking a chance and it turning out!


Good for you! It’s always amazed me how people can bake without a recipe, my cousin’s wife never uses one but produces yummy cakes and pies.


Wow, props to you! I’m totally out of my comfort zone without a recipe.


Good for you to step out of the box, and even better that it worked out!

I’m a recipe girl, too- except for things I’ve made so much that it’s become instilled. I used to work at The Maple Sugar Shack in West Edmonton Mall (no idea if it’s even still there!) and we made fresh cheese scones daily. I knew that recipe by heart and took a copy of it with me when I left. A quick glance is all I need and it all comes right back!

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I am a “must follow everything to the T” when baking person, which is why I enjoy cooking more. I feel like I can be more creative, and if anything doesn’t turn out, it’s an easier fix :slight_smile:

I use recipes often for cooking, but more as inspiration and a starting point :slight_smile:

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