Embroidered Inchies

I made these embroidered inchies for @Magpie. I love her aesthetic. It is so inspiring to craft for her! Magpie also takes much better pictures than I do, which is why I’m using hers. :blush:
image image


So lovely!! All the colors and textures are beautiful.

I never thought to do embroidered inchies- those are so cool! I love all of the different textures!

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They are little pieces of art…tiny stitches, beautiful color, lots of texture…


Oh, these are gorgeous! What a great idea to do embroidered inchies!

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These are delightful! Did you seal both sides, or is the fabric mounted to something?

I painted a few layers of modge podge across the whole piece of fabric and then cut it into squares after it dried.

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These are just fabulous!

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I really love these!

What stunning little pieces. They look like they were fun and relaxing to work on!

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They are Sooo pretty!

The texture of these are wonderful and such neat stitching.

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These are just gorgeous. You’ll have to share more of your process when you make more! :wink:

That’s a great idea! Someone needs to swap with me so I have an excuse to make more. :blush:

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Lovely! I love the textures and colors you used. :slight_smile:


That is such an interesting idea and texture for inchies!

I’ve embroidered inchies myself, and know how much work they are! I love these, think they look better than my own, I love the randomness :smiley:

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These are beautiful! Colour, texture, just delicious!!

Your embroidered inchies are gorgeous. Love the bright colors against the dark background :slight_smile: