Emergency rations, dehydrated produce

We’ve been running the dehydrator for days. The last produce I wanted to dry was fruit so we’d have some naturally sweet food if we can’t get out to shop.
Here is banana, Cara-Cara orange, mango, mixed berries, & craisins.

Here’s the rest of the pile, tomato, carrot, corn, potato, squash.


The dried fruit looks so yummy. I love cara cara oranges.

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They are so good! They taste almost caramelized. I was thinking about powdering them to add to smoothies, sprinkle on oatmeal, etc. Did you know the pith of citrus is about the most nutritious part of the fruit? I left as much on as possible.

Yes! Also, the skins are crazy high in vitamin c. You just have to wash them really well. You can munch on them but not too much of you will be using all the stockpiled toilet paper.


I was considering making marmalade but cooking destroys vit c so I composted the peels this time. Not really sure how to incorporate them into non-cooked foods.

Thanks for sharing this! Our dehydrator is currently full of mushrooms.

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They all look so pretty stacked together.

My husband requested a dehydrator to make jerky and I think I have used it more than he has for fruit :grin:

For your verggies do you rehydrate them for cooking? Do they do better in certain recipes?

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Awesome! You are a kitchen wizard!

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You can make sugared peels. @Lothruin has a recipe, I believe.

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Nice! I will do that. One kid can’t eat them, or peppers, but we had chili last night & I was missing those ingredients.
Actually, I think I might can a few jars of tomato sauce with those ingredients so we can add a scoop to whatever finished dishes we’d like them in.
Cooking for family allergies/sensitivities. Fun, right? :smile:

You can soak things for an hour or so in water, juice, or broth if cooking time will be brief. We’ve done the smaller potatoes in chicken curry that simmered less than an hour & they were good. Not the same texture as regular potatoes, a bit denser. I liked them.

We’ve done jerky, it was fantastic. A bit too good though, difficult to ration & nobody needs to eat that much meat protein at once :stuck_out_tongue:

What sort of dehydrator do you all have? When purchasing, it wasn’t too much more for the biggest unit so I opted for a 9 tray Excalibur with reflex sheets. I would like to pick up a small circular unit for those time when there is just one tray of something left & it’s a waste leaving that big thing on overnight just to finish drying it out.

I’ll check that out. I think they are cooked though so tasty but no vitamin c left in them. I could soak peels in simple syrup & dehydrate. Would anybody eat them like that? The kids sure didn’t like the dehydrated orange slices with the skins left on, lol.

That’s a great stiock you have.

I used to dehydrate fruit, too, and our favourite was pineapple.

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I have a Nesco Profesional from WalMart. I like it because you only use as many trays as you need at a time.

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I’m overwhelmed at the idea of canning (much less dehydrating). But it looks incredibly delicious.

Me too but these days I wish I’d followed through with my canning curiosity from years ago. And now I want a dehydrator!


Canning is much more labour intensive. Dehydrating is just cutting stuff up, blanching in some cases, and arranging it on trays.
If you’d like to try it out, some ovens have a low warm setting that’s good for fruit leather, apple butter, dried apple rings. Easy enough to try it out.

We canned a lot when I was a kid. It seemed so easy when my Mom was telling me what to do! But now that I look into it as an adult, I"m like…pass.

and then I see something and the idea resparks, all over again!

I really want one after hearing @Harlan show how she hacked hers to felt with! I can see how I would start with the best of intentions, and then turn it into a maker item instead.

I have some apples I could do! My ovens’ lowest setting is “warm” (which is under 200d). I will see what the ol Interwebs says!


Mine too! Love pineapple!

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Congrats! You are one of this week’s featured projects! Way to go!


Cool! I didn’t realize you could dehydrate so many things!

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