Fabric printing with hand carved stamps

@JoyfulClover sent me two lovely hand carved stamps, and so I’ve been printing.

This is the first one

I love these stamps! It’s printed with speedball screenprinting fabric inks. Onto fabric that i previously tie dyed

This is number two (I’m aware that normal people probably don’t line everything up by eye and consequently theirs is more regular. But the irregularity is what tells you it’s hand printed. It’s nothing to do with my lack of patience :wink:)

Ok my tea is cold now, but I just managed to squeeze this one out of the last of the red ink.

Last one, it’s past noon and time for breakfast


WOW! That’s beautiful!

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You stamped that??!!! Oh wow that is truly amazing!

Love the patterns of the stamps and the colours go so well together! Great job!

What will you make with this pretty fabric?


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@wendiek I have no idea. I will send some to @JoyfulClover but apart from that, I’m open to suggestions!


@Edel, maybe some sort of purse or pouch? It is so pretty, it needs to be shown haha!

I like a mug rug, but I think this fabric is way too pretty to put your teacup on.

I have this amazing fabric sewing basket, made by @CraftyMamaBee! But I think you will need more fabric for that.
I know she shared the pattern of it with me, but I will get back for that.

Please excuse the mess. I’m trying to sew a blouse, but I can’t get into the swing of it :roll_eyes:


@Edel I’ve a friend in reenactment that just finished stamping approx. 5 yrds of raw silk to make a late Persian outfit. Her stamps were considerably larger than yours, though. :laughing:

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@wendiek I love that sewing organiser. I hope you’ll post your blouse when you get it done. I had intended to make myself a tunic today, but got sidetracked!

@Bajita I did fabric for a dress for re-enactment too, but not with a stamp, that would have taken ages! I screenprinted a really large sheet and then cut the dress from that. (Messed up the cutting of the dress, and there were lots of pieces patched together, but it looked ok in the end) I can’t imagine block printing 5 yards. These three pieces have taken an hour and a half or so

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Oooh, more stamped fabric! I am in love with all three! :heart_eyes:

I will sew a little today. After pinning the first pieces, I fitted it on my mannequin and of course I need to alter the pattern. Pff, my upper part is a smaller size than my middle part :upside_down_face:

I hope @CraftyMamaBee still has the pattern of the basket, I have no clue where I left it (sorry Beck!!)

Happy stamping @Edel!

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This pattern is amazing! Love all the variations.


When I see your handprinted fabrics, I just want to go out and buy all the supplies…but then, when I see all of the time you put into them, I realize just how precious those pieces are.

I have used pieces sent by you and @sheepblue to accent other things or to make something more meaningful to me, like prayer flags pr notebook covers…

I see that our sweet @jemimah used precious pieces to make bookmarks and prayer flag embellishments as well…

Gosh, those are lovely…the last one, all red, looks so much like batik…better go get some more tea when you stamp…it will fortify your resolve!


It is SO.MUCH.FUN. to see the action shots! And all the combinations! This make me want to do more! Ha!

I am so happy you like them! :shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover:


Beautiful work, @Edel!

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Holy mackerel! I love love love your hand stamped fabric! Beautiful!

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@AIMR you should definitely give it a go. It’s not an expensive craft. Lino is cheap, the basic lino cut tools work well. The screenprinting ink is probably the most expensive item, but it is still not too costly and a little goes a really long way (you can also use it for stenciled tees)

I use a piece of old glass to roll out the ink. And a softish roller- you don’t want a sponge roller, just a dense foam. I bought one once and could never find another. Then in a stroke of genius (she says modestly) I found adult fitness skipping ropes that had foam handles, so pulled off the rope and put a cheap paint roller handle on-they are perfect.

But yes it is a bit time consuming, but fun!

@JoyfulClover you should definitely cut more stamps and also have a go at printing. It’s so immediate and satisfying


These are fabulous! I like how you did several different things with the same stamp to get different results.
Also, kudos to @JoyfulClover for carving stamps that work so well as repeating patterns.


Oh wow. I especially love the first one.

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Oh wow…your fabric prints are gorgeous!
I love seeing ooak prints and I’d say you did a fab job with colors and stamping. Neato!

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Edel, these are beautiful!! I love the way you’ve played around with the tile arrangement. What a great creative collaboration :heart:

I totally agree with this - I think it makes the print more lively.

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Ooooohhhh, OOHHHH!! :heart::purple_heart:LOVE! :orange_heart::blue_heart:

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These look wonderful. I never would’ve thought of stamping fabric!

@JoyfulClover, you did a great job on those stamps! I’ve hand carved a few stamps before and I loved how the blade smoothly cut into the Lino with such unexpected ease! Did you use a template to carve these, or was it a hand drawn design?

I love that fabric basket! I was wondering where I could go buy one when I first glanced at the pic (before reading that it was handmade). Very nice job @CraftyMamaBee!