Family Star Wars Costume - Halloween Costume Entry 2022

This year my kids requested a Star Wars themed set of Halloween costumes, specifically from the Clone Wars. I drafted all of the patterns and created the costumes from scratch. The only things I didn’t make myself were everyone’s boots, my undershirts/leggings, my son’s leggings (which you can’t really see) and the lightsabers. For my daughter’s Ahsoka costume I made the dress, belt, arm bands, gauntlets, leggings, and Leku head dress. For my son’s Anakin costume I made the under tunic, over tunic, gauntlets, and belt. For my husband’s Jawa costume we re-wired the glowing eyes from a different costume piece that had blinking eyes and I made the robe, hood, and bandoliers (yes the pouches all open). For my Padme (as a Naboo Starfighter) costume I made the vest gauntlets and belt. We 3D printed and then painted the belt buckle. The kids both had face paint as well, but I’ve covered our faces in the photos because we don’t post pictures of the kids online. I used mostly scrap fabric and old sheets to make everything, though I did need to buy the faux leather. The kids also had Jedi robes that I made them to wear when they got cold, but they wouldn’t let me take pictures. It took almost a month to make it all, and I broke 2 sewing machine needles and a hand sewing needle, but the kids were thrilled with the results and we got a lot of comments on our costumes when we went trick or treating.


Whoa! These are amazing. The fact that you made this much in such a short time period is bananas!!!

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The kids said “Star Wars” and I was thinking , great they already have Jedi robes that I made them for dress up over the summer, it will be easy. No such luck. I didn’t realize just how many pieces there are to each Star Wars costume until I started making them. Figuring out the Leku and how to get my daughter’s belt to stay up without the benefit of hips were the two biggest challenges.


Hahahah! The things you don’t think about! :slight_smile:

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Cool costumes, but the faces are creeping me out.

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Omg omg omg!!! Fangirling over here. You did an amazing job!!!

Love that the Jawa eyes light up!!!

Your kiddos look like they are enjoying!!

Ah! Love!!

This is an amazing feat of family costumery!

Thank you for the kind words everyone! The kids are still wearing the costumes as dress up (and having lightsaber battles) so at least the work wasn’t all for one night. The Jawa eyes and lightsabers all helped with visibility on Halloween too (my son calls lightsabers fancy flashlights now). My husband talked like a Jawa all night … He came home with all of the bandolier pouches full of candy.

What a great group of costumes!

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:fireworks: Congratulations, this is a featured project for this week :fireworks:

Oh wow, thank you!