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Okay. Long post. Lotsa goodies. Overview:

Tea and a vintage Golden book and decorative napkins

Some eco dyed paper (swoon) and coffee dyed and avocado dyed papers and some speckled card stock and 2 fabulous gel prints - they are too pretty to cut so maybe they will be journal covers?!?

Some vintage good stuff

And an Alisa Burke style mini journal - I will add this to my mark-making compendium


But wait. There’s more!

Scraps and stickers and library cards and index cards and lots of little good things.

And some coloring pages and vintage gardening pages.

I have 2 similar things for you, Brandee. Great minds think alike! Thank you for everything - I will be able to use lots of this in my own journal and some I am making for friends. And the scraps are perfect for the Inchie Dice swap….


Oh my giggles! What a bountiful package of delicious paper! It must’ve been so exciting to untie the ribbons and pull papers from the envelopes to discover all the various contents!

I am finally going to get back to digging in my totes and boxes and folders for my partners tomorrow! EEP!


Those eco/coffee dyes! :heart_eyes:


YAY, I am so glad you found stuff you like! I tried to put an eclectic mix of stuff I made, and stuff I collected.

This swap is such a fun idea :smiley:


I purchased an online eco dye class but just haven’t had time to do it. I hope to visit my bestie in Houston in May and I told her we could do it together. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Such a pretty assortment! I love dyed papers and have a small hoard of avocados going because I want to do a side by side experiment with different modifiers

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Alum is what worked for me as an additive for the avocado dye, @Bugaboo (just added the alum to the water while boiling the seed and skins). I got the alum tip actually from watching videos by a great youtuber: emsplace. All she does it press flowers and eco dye has been experimenting for what looks like years (this is the video about alum). Her whole channel is a wealth of info if this is your jam. @Smarrt might be interested before the Houston trip, too.


Here is my awesome haul from @TheMistressT !

So many fun papery goodies to sort through.

The whole lot
The notecard is hilarious!

Lots of tags, die cuts (love the seahorses!), tickets, and random assorted items

Game pieces, postal items, maps

The beetle die cuts made me actually laugh out loud. TheMistressT asked me if I was ok with representations of bone/leather/etc (but not the real thing) and I said that was fine. I just preferred no real bug carcasses lol. So now I have some nice shiny paper ones :rofl:

And I love the little bitty playing cards.

Vintage greeting cards

Was this a paper placemat? The texture is lovely

Lots of random pages

Thanks so much @TheMistressT !


YEY! I’m glad you like it! I had so much fun putting together my packages, trying to give cool general stuff and also specific things I thought my partners would like or find useful.

And yes, those are old paper place mats. I rescued a stack of them from an estate situation over a decade ago.

When I asked about “animal parts” I was thinking about that strip of “alligator” skin which is a scrap of fancy wallpaper I picked up a long time ago, too. When I came upon the beetles in my dies, I was like AH HA!

Wow what a nice haul!

I am mildly obsessed with that Inspector Gadget book, Smmarrt — and so many other goodies!

I also received from TheMistressT — so much awesomeness!
First a look at yummy sewn envelopes and wax seals and baking twine — everything was so fun I didn’t want to open it and ruin the packaging! (But I did. :joy:)

The whole shebang:

A few close ups:

Some amazing vintage cards that I’m still swooning over:

Such a fun swap! Thank you so much TheMistressT!


YEY! I’m so glad you liked it! I had lots of fun packaging different bits in different ways.

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Those are some pretty epic hauls!!

I am still on errands, but I couldn’t help but peak at my package from @geekgirl ! There is some gooood stuff in this envelope!


HOT DANG! Just look at this haul. LOOK AT IT!


Such cool/weird old stuff!


And so generous with the handmade stuff! I don’t have much of that… well I didn’t, but now I do!


THANK YOU, @geekgirl for the AWESOME filled envelope!


Ooh! Yummy stuff! Loving all those gelli papers!

Here are the awesome goodies I received from @thanate!!

She sent me so many awesome, glittery, embroidered pages. My girls will go nuts for these.

A pile of cool vintage photos and negatives:

This really awesome fold out envelope full of smaller treasures!!

A peek at what was inside the small envelopes:

So much fun!

There was a bunch of home-made stickers - LOVE these - with some music pages and butterfly toys for the girls (saving these for valentines!):

And still more - some random fun:

Thank you so much Ann!! Awesome collection! :heart:


I’m so glad everyone is loving what they send and receive. This swap is so easy - next time I’ll add some more homemade parts to it.