More Trees and Ferns and Fauna

I posted these in the original post but realized that that left them rather buried.
More little goodies. These are all 4" squares, fun filler squares! We have a little Indigo Bunting, Mullein, and Queen Anne’s Lace. I just can’t stop making these. But I do have to start making surgical masks, that will be a nice stash buster and useful too.
ZigZagging over yarn created the stems and then the rest is fabric and embroidery floss. I can’t say these are much of a stash buster, but I am glad I have a stash.


These are beautiful!! Gorgeous texture and shapes

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the textures and ebroidery. It’s a really fun project. What are you planning on doing with them for display?

They are for a fund-raiser quilt. I only signed up for two squares, but well, I got carried away. I needed a soothing easy creative outlet with the craziness abounding right now. I will be asking if the person assembling the quilt really wants all of these, or just will want me to send two. I’m thinking she will want them all as there is usually a call for more as the deadline approaches. I have a larger square fermenting in my mind.

here’s the original post Trees and ferns and fauna

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Those are gorgeous - I especially love the Queen Anne’s lace - one of my favourite things! But then again - an indigo bunting too! I love the colours you chose, the bird is so bright against it!

The individual techniques are so impressive! I particularly love the last one! For the colors, but the bird one for the layers!


I love all the textures.

These are all fabulous, great work!