"Fiona & Fritz" Pot Holders

I’m sure this Tula Pink “My Hippos Don’t Lie” print is not officiall Fiona or Fritz, the famous baby hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo, but we’re big fans of them and that’s who I see when I look at this fabric.


TheMisterT had plum wore out his luchador pot holders, so I jumped at the chance to get a bit of this fabric on sale at my local indie fabric store. The back is quilted, metallic ironing board cover material and there are 3 layers of cotton batting in between. Both of those materials were from stash.



Super freakin cute!

Absolutely adorable! I LOVE the fabric!

Wow, adorable fabric! I love the way you surrounded each hippo with their own stitched bubble.

Awwww, so sweet!

If I put on my glasses, would they be doing something weird?

Thanks, y’all!

It comes in pink, too!

I just can’t bring myself to ignore the print when I go to quilt these.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Nope. Just floating around, communing with flying things.

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Cute! Love the unique stitching.

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Those are so cute!
I’ve been having such a hard time finding good potholders lately, I may need to start making my own as well.

Thanks, pals!

So many are either too flimsy or feel weird in the hand - like silicone ones. I’ve made so many that once I get to cutting making 2-4 only takes an hour or so, even with a bit of fussy cutting.

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So adorable!

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They look so cute that i would hate to use them!

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Thanks, friends!

TheMisterT had a similar response: “the problem is they’re going to get all dirty and gross.”

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Yep, not those hippos! They would display only… :heart_eyes:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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