Flash Craft Challenge-Closed! Voting Starts NOW!

Flash Crafty Contest!
Do you have a million boxes laying around the house? What about toilet paper rolls? Food containers? You’re not a slob! You are thrifty!
Show off that talent and win a prize!
This contest will run from 8am-ish Eastern Standard Time to 6pm (EST). We will open up voting for projects from 6-9pm (EST). You can post up to three projects. Please post them in this thread. The person with the most votes will when a prize! What is that prize…you just have to win to find out!

Time to vote!

Pick Your Favorite!
  • Jemimah’s Cereal Box Friend
  • Steiconi’s Rust in the Desert
  • The Mistress T’s Third Place Ribbons
  • Megwell’s Friend with a Beverage
  • MissingWillow’s Matchbox Theater
  • The Mistress T’s Fancy Decor
  • Marionberry’s Found Objects

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How fabulous, can’t wait to see what folks come up with!


this is like TODAY? like when i am working 8-5. i wonder what my boss will think of my toilet paper faces and macaroni necklaces? sounds fun though.


This is going to be fun!

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This will be so much fun! * eyeballing my trash can right now *


Fancy decor spheres!

Because they’re on the dining table they for sure weren’t made of TP tubes, they were absolutely made from a wrapping paper tubes. Rest assured. Really. I also made a tutorial!


Pirate puppets, anyone? Matchbox Q-Tip Pirate Theater


I’m sure the K-Pod kids and I can come up with something…

Craft, kids, (whip lash!), CRAFT!


Ooh fun! I have cereal boxes!!

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I knew I needed to clean up my craft space, but I didn’t realize the stuff would morph into a life form…

At least she brought her own beverage.


The beverage is what totally makes it!

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Waaaa I can’t work like this! I need to plan and research and procrastinate! Then I have to rework it a zillion times!

Love love love the cocktail!

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Speaking of adult bevvies… I made 3st place award ribbons from beverage waste!


They’re a little pokey…


Love thos challenge!
I think my recent project might qualify as an entry :slight_smile:


Rust in the Desert; a Century of Slobs

Our property was part of a mine in the 1920s, and has been home to many people who don’t believe in taking trash to the dump.

I’ve been wanting to do something with all these rusty treasures, and today’s the day.

The big, lacy bits are a couple of metal 5-gallon paint buckets. They may have used as targets; they look like they’ve been pierced with shotgun shells. Thank you, shootists, they’re lovely!

My favorite part, old food and toiletry cans

We found all kinds of stuff, including a 1928 New Mexico license plate. Most went in trash or recycling, but these pieces were special.

Happy April Fish!


I did not see this until just this minute because, and I kid you not, i spent the day breaking down a winter’s worth of cardboard (and our cardboard fort from same) and filling my recycle bin for tomorrow’s pick up. Seriously!


Ooh, I love all the cool recycled things!!

I have had a lot of fun this morning making a new friend out of a cereal box.


This is so exciting!! They look AMAZING!

Wonderful stuff here. I covered a 3 inch circle with leftovers and found object gathered from the between things on my desk…I do need to clean it! My phone is slow today like all the other devices in the house. Must be April 1. 5:59…