Giddy up (Sea) Horsey - Take a BITE out of your stash- Weekend Challenge Entry

Hi All

This is my entry for the Take a BITE out of your stash- Weekend Challenge. I seem to hoard paper and so I thought this is what I wanted to cut down on and the best project idea would be a multiple layer artwork. I couldn’t decided between these two artworks so I cut both of them on my cricut maker.



This under water scene was really fun to put together, until I had to try and get it into the ikea frame and then worked out it was slightly too big, because I wasnt perfect when I laid the layers together- hence the wobble in the page. If I was to do it again I would maybe add something to the glass just for a different element.



Sea Horse is going to be now a gift for a friend who happened to video call me while I was sticking the layers together and she loved it so I said she could have it. Sadly it was meant to have a 4th layer but I used the wrong glue to try and stick it down and because it was so delicate it stretched out and I didnt feel like re cutting the layer. This is why there is some glue stains on the top layer. The frame is from ikea and I am glad I found something to use the frame with, it was also from my stash.

Proud to say this project was completely from my stash, glue paper and frames. And double win, one of them will be given to a friend so happy dance.

Additionally an extra unexpected win of this project was I adding more scrap cardboard to my scrap cardboard pile and I made a post on facebook asking if any day care/pre school would want them and someone is coming to collect a box full of scraps next week so I am really working through my stash.


Both are very impressive! I love that you used simple Ikea frames, especially the last one is really special.

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These are both STUNNING! :blue_heart:

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Both gorgeous! I know your friend will enjoy the seahorse. And congrats on donating and busting even more of your stash.

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These are great! I’ve yet to try one of these style of projects with my Cricut and now you’ve got me thinking about them again. It’s some next-level stash busting to use stashed frames, too!

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I love the multilayer look of the first one. I also love the colors you chose. Very peaceful.


Ooo…I really like the underwater scene!

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Always lovely when you can use your stash to make a gift for someone! I love the undersea one…looks very layered!

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These are so lovely!

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Very pretty!!

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