Gilt-y: Making The Lightswitches Blend Into the Gallery Wall

When I was laying out the gallery wall on the floor, I forgot to consider the light switches towards one end which lead to making a few adjustments. And it made the switches stand out a lot more than they did previously.

Generally I like my switches and outlets to blend as best as I can which often leads me to replacing them and the cover plates with ones as close to the color of the wall they are on as I can. NOT SO HERE! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Except I think I accomplished the same thing by blinging this one out! :open_mouth: I made it using the same methods as with this gilded frame, but instead of gilding paint, I used sheets of faux-gold leaf.

ADDENDUM: except the plate, the project is all stash. WOO!


Making it blend in by making it stand out! Clever! Looks great!


Wow! What a clever idea! It looks great.

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Thanks, friends!

This is so neat… simple in theory, but so effective!


Thanks, pals!

This is a great idea.way to marry the elements!
We’ve had eyes out for the right sized frame to go around the thermostat since we changed it. Just look at this tragedy, ugh.

I think I’ll take a page from your book & diy that sucker. I can cut wood, what am I waiting for?


Thanks! It’s doing double duty of making the switch seem like a framed piece, but also filling the “gap” which is nice. I’m pleased with how well it’s working in person.

Cut that wood! And share your results!

I love this! A nice gallery addition. “The buttons are clearly 21st century…” :face_with_monocle:


Looks amazing. You’ll have people not even realize it is there. It blends seemlessly!

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Well said!

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Thanks so much, y’all!