Green quilt

This quilt is finished. It’s for a friend who’s favourite colour is green. It’s not a colour that I would have picked, and tbh I was hard pressed to find enough green in my stash. But I really like it now that it’s done. I would have preferred a darker green for the border, but I had nothing that would work and no access to anything. I put the big blocks on wrong when I was making the top, they should have been on sideways. So when it was done it was disproportionate. I added the ‘columns’ of green on either side to make it wider. The fabric on the back was not wide enough, so I used the scrappy block I’d made from trimmings with the last few bits of green in my stash. It’s awful weather here today, rain and wind, so I had to take most of the pic inside. This one reproduces the colour most accurately.

Not too many puckers on the back!!!

Edit: I’ve left the large rectangles unquilted as I plan to add some hand quilting to them. Big simple shapes, hearts, leaves, etc.


I think this mix of greens is so cheery. I get it if you would have preferred darker, but I really like it the way it is. The scrappy strip on the back is a clever and unexpected solution. If I owned it every time I looked at the back it would remind me of the handmade love that went it o making it. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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You are a crafting machine! Record time and it looks great, the strip on the back is a beautiful touch of unexpected colours.


That’s very pretty and I like the back too.

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Very nice! I like the layout that you chose to display all the greens!

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Oh this is beautiful!

It’s lovely! I always appreciate when quilts have a back detail like that.

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I love the back!

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I love everything about this- all of the green, the layout, the improvised strips along the sides, even the backing. And, I am impressed with the speed at which you completed it, too!

I love this! I could see myself making something like this–I’m thinking my husband’s cousin who’s getting married in Aug-- did you use a pattern?

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I think it looks wonderful :smile:

It’s beautiful and cant wait to see it with the hand quilting, but yeah, would be so much better in blue.


Just so lovely.

I am far too lazy for a pieced back to a quilt, but I just absolutely love them. Such a nice touch.


Can’t wait to see yours in blue! :rofl::+1:

It’s very pretty! I love it! It came out great!

I really love the colors! It’s very pretty! :smiley:

I love that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone color wise. It makes me think of an aerial view of fields and farmland. :shamrock:

Here’s a link to the pattern - (Edel had shared it on discord while we were in site limbo).

@Edel, how many quilts have you made with this pattern?


@AudiobookLover thanks for that link.

How many, I think at least 5. It is such a fast make and great for all those FQ that you couldn’t resist buying because the fabric is so pretty, but you don’t want to cut them up.


I am always looking for a different quilt pattern, and I love this! It is also very pretty, and I am sure she is going to love it.

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