Halloween Flat Rate Gallery

Halloween Flat Rate Gallery

Original Thread Halloween Flat Rate Swap Send Outs October 18th
Post all your goodies here!


Reserved for partners!

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I got to meet up with my partner to do our swap!
We met at a coffee shop in between our two cities. It was so nice.
Look what @Kwality570 made me…

A cool bag that fit a deck of cards perfectly! The fabric is perfect with dark and mysterious fortune teller graphics. And the cards she got me have the neatest medieval theme. Each court card has different set of characters.

She made this awesomely gruesome dish or hand towel using Inko dyes that develop in the sun. She made the stencils of skulls, Eye of Osiris and even little stars. The addition of the blood splatters make it so fun and creepy.

She also stitched me up a set of Halloween colored infinity knot scrubbies. I’ve tried to make these and the yarn is so hard to with. They look small but they are a lot of work. So festive and useful!

I asked for notebook covers and she stitched up this cute scrappy cover with the most adorable base fabric adorned with moths! You know I love moths!! She also added a set of four additional notebooks with cute colors and graphics.

Also included in my package were these cool Halloween themed labels perfect for making concoctions to bring to a festive party. They also would be cool in a collage.

And she made this laser cut pumpkin magnet with her new machine! This was her first piece she made. I love how the colors turned out.
Such a Sweet little pumpkin in his patch for my locker at work.

Lastly, she added some fun Halloween colored maker tags, travel tissue, and chapstick all in this perfect nylon bag.

Thank you so much Leann. It was so nice to see you and swap goodies!


Wonderful things! You had to meet…no way all of those would fit in a flat rate box…ha ha ha

I especially love the creepy towel!

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Believe it or not they all fit. It was bursting at the seems though. lol


I must be an adult. I got really excited about the Halloween-themed tissues. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It’s a fab package! Is the laser cut pumpkin wood? It’s so adorable. I’m right there with AIMR, that package had to be wrapped in duct tape to hold all that in. I’m imagining it more as a football shape, lol!


It is wood! I’m not sure what kind though. It’s so cool. I’m thinking that machine is going to come in pretty handy.

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What a fab start! That pumpkin magnet is lovely, and the splatter dye is really creepy cool. The scrappy moth notebook is particularly excellent!

@Kwality570 that package is amazing and the laser-cut pumpkin is so cool! I love your scrappy notebook covers. Those colors work perfectly together. And the inko dye towel looks like it cleaned up a bloody mess! Perfect for Halloween!


Great package! How did all of that fit in a small flat rate box? I don’t believe it!

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Halloween magic!


I will be posting photos of my package from @curiousfae tonight! Yesterday was the first day of my new job and all I had the brain power for was taking photos. It was a good day, but pretty tiring.


Congrats on the new job!


Well, @curiousfae and I met up to exchange our packages and she got there with two gift bags full of items. She spoiled me and very obviously did not stay within the small flat rate box size. :slight_smile: I was so happy with everything!

These gummy bears are delicious! I had to try them right away! She knows I love gummy bears because I took them on a road trip with us and we both indulged. A lot. :slight_smile:

The absolute cutest little ghostie that she made out of air dry clay. I love his little bunting! He’s so cute!!!

Wooden magnets that she made. I love the Myra Maines one, but I will admit that she had to explain it to me. Hahah!

These little tags adorned the bags. I love them so much.

Extras: Some cute ghostie socks, a kitchen tea towel, and the BEST smelling soap. The packaging is too cute. I almost put it in the shower as soon as I took the photo, but I’m making myself use up the last sliver of soap I have until I can use it. I want it to last forever! Just the smell through the package is amazing!

An amigurumi voodoo doll. Gah! It’s big button eye and the cute tuft of hair are so adorable!

Two skull coasters and two harvest/Halloween colored dishcloths.

Thank you again for everything. You definitely spoiled me rotten!!! It was so great to meet up with you and chat for a while. :slight_smile:


I think the both of you spoiled each other! The little bunting ghost is too adorable!

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Both of these packages are fabulous! My grabby hands just want everything!!!


that bloody dish towel is delightfully gruesome!

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@curiousfae - That clay ghost is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love it so much. You are so talented. The skull coasters are super cool too. And I love the little tuft of hair on the voodoo doll.
You and @Kwality570 set the bar high on this one!


I love the clay ghostie, and the wooden magnets! And there are 30 flavors of gummy bears in the world?! :exploding_head:


I need to find this 30-flavor gummy bear business. THIRTY. FLAVORS. :exploding_head: