Harry potter ornament swap 2023

Ornament made by @MissingWillow

LC member who is organizing this swap:
Sign-up date range: November 15-21
Sendouts: December 4

Limited to a certain number of people? Nope!

Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No

Swap Organizer herself meets these conditions:

  • Has fully read the swap Info Guide: YES
  • Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
  • Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
  • Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
  • Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:

  • Has been a member for at least one month: YES
  • Has posted at least 15 times: YES
  • Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
  • Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
  • Does not have any negative comments: YES
  • Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES
  • If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
  • If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Details of swap:
:christmas_tree: * Let’s bring a little Harry potter magic back into our lives and add some whimsy to our holiday decor. For this swap we will be exchanging 1 small to medium Harry Potter holiday ornament.* You can include extras if you wish, but please discuss this with your partner.

:gift: You may have 1-2 partners in this swap. First time swappers will be limited to one partner. Everyone else may choose to have 1, or 2 partners.

There is a short sign up window for this swap and a two week crafting period. But you are encouraged to send early, and hopefully we’ll all get our ornaments before Christmas!

This swap is open to everyone and swappers are welcome to ask for Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other holiday themes if they prefer .

Please answer the following questionnaire to help guide your swap partner. Copy, fill it in and send to @Edel via PM Please do not reply here.

Harry Potter Ornament swap
LC username:
Email address:
Your real name and address: AS IT NEEDS TO APPEAR ON THE PACKAGE

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside of your own country? YES/NO
Confirm that you are at least 16 years old. YES/NO
Confirm that you understand that tracking numbers are required for packages within the US, and a photograph of the receipt from mailing is required for all international packages. YES/NO
Are you able to take photos of the package you receive to post in the gallery?

Would you like 1 or 2 partners?

What holiday, or holidays, do you celebrate within your home?

Would you prefer an ornament for your tree, a decoration for your home that is NOT an ornament

Do you wish to make/send extras? (No promise your partner will want to as well.)

What are you favorite crafts to make?
**What kind of crafts would you like to receive? **
Any special wishes? (no guarantees)
Anything you really DON’T want to receive or already have? (i.e. animal products, etc.)

What house do you belong to/support?

Who/What is your favorite HP…
Magical Creature?
Magical Shop?
Magical Item?

Do you or anyone in your home smoke?
Do you have pets?
Are you allergic to anything?






I will fill and send my questionarie tomorrow after work. Time for bed right now. But thats good, because now I can think of all the questions :smiley:


Going to fill out my Q right now!

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Just back from a weekend away, bedtime here, partners tomorrow xxx


Senidng in my questionaire shortly. Had a bit of a rough weekend and lost track of time.

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No worries sweetheart, happy to have you onboard.

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I am going to leave the signups open for one more day. Tag anyone I have missed in this.


My questionnaire is in!

Tagging @sheepBlue, @pottermouth, @MistressJennie. Sorry if you were already tagged!

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I have a bit of a conundrum… I haven’t signed up, because I don’t know that I have time to craft new ornaments between now and Sendouts. We have lots of family coming to our place for Thanksgiving, and I’m trying to finish holiday gifts (both handmade and shopping), and I’m chasing a toddler around, who really doesn’t want to play in mommy’s studio.

BUT… I did just find a stash of HP ornaments that I already made a few years ago. So I do have some fun, handmade HP ornaments ready to go to new homes. But I would feel really guilty not making things based on my partners questionnaires… What do you guys think? Would folks be interested in random surprise ornaments, not based on their questionnaires?


I for one would be very happy with a random surprise, your ornaments are always awesome, I guess everyone else would be thrilled too.


I’d also be happy with a random surprise ornament! Totally understand about lack of crafting time.


Random surprise is fine with me too!


Ok, I sent in my questionnaire.

Also, two of the ornaments in the first post of the thread are in my collection! LOL


I’m also fine with a random surprise!

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Partners are up!

I’ve added you all to the questionnaire conversations, :crossed_fingers: that works. If not, I’ll send you your partners Q tomorrow. It’s almost pumpkin hour here, so time for bed

Thank you all for playing. I love this swap.


Yay! So excited for partners and already scheming.


I am making plans, too. Have it narrowed down to six ideas!


I thought I had my ideas set last night…but then I think of something I want to make instead. Time to pull out all my supplies and see which ones are shouting the loudest.


Oh, my goodness! My son had a better idea than any of the six I’d thought of myself. But, can I pull it off by the deadline…?

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Ornament #1 is 95% done. I just need to apply three or four coats of sealer and pray I don’t ruin the thing. I love it so reallllllly hoping the sealer behaves.