Heirloom Quilt Cardigan - or how I'm a better knitter than sewer

I love the timeless, geometric patterns that quilting blocks give us. I can even slap some fabric together from time to time and make a quilt block or two (don’t check if it’s square, please). But after seeing a recent trend of quilt block jackets made from reclaimed quilts, I itched to try to make something similar. I even went so far as to do so with a bunch of reclaimed material I had from old jeans. That project didn’t pan out (stay tuned for what the pieced jeans turn into…I don’t even know at this point)…

But then a new pattern was released this summer called the Heirloom Quilt Cardigan and I was struck.

It’s funny because I usually avoid projects like this that have a million pieces you end up having to seam together. But I couldn’t resist it. I might even make a blanket out of the quilt block pattern someday. Another perk this pattern has is that its a fabulous way to use up scraps.

All my original blocks started out as random balls of yarn that I didn’t have enough of for a bigger project, or skeins of yarn in my stash that were originally planned for a different project that ended up being abandoned.

Pieces before blocking. I was testing out the color palette…It gives fall vibes with a twist.

Starting to seam together. Of course, I decided I wanted my blocks to be a bit smaller than the original pattern calls for…which means more blocks, more seaming…I brought it on myself. You kind of get into a rhythm with it though after a while, and now I’m pretty decent at a mattress stitch.

Finally soaking! That was a heavy baby when wet!! And dry for that matter. She turned out WARM.

Blocking. The nature of the pattern makes the whole thing rather boxy, and mine ended up wider than long which I’m “eh” about. I would have liked to make it longer too, but its already so heavy I won’t. The original pattern calls to make this whole thing at a DK weight; in retrospect, I’d try doing it with fingering to make it less bulky. I can’t say that I’m in any rush to make this ever again lol. So many seams!

More drying. I thought it was a pretty shot. Obvs will have to make a blanket with this pattern someday.

Inside shot. It’s not the cleanest, but not too bad for my first time with flat colorwork. I don’t love it compared to working in the round, but it’s not a bad skill to have.

Overall shot. Taking pictures to show it all off is hard. Also forgive the nasty winter lighting :snowflake:


My Friend, this is so, so STUNNING! I’ve loved watching you, not only working on this, but also from the point you decided you were going to learn to knit, as you progressed and pushed yourself to learn more, and up through making truly epic projects like this one. Beautifully done.


I would wear the heck out of it! Such lovely colors and a style that can be worn with pants, dresses, skirts…casual or more dressy. Really a timeless piece. Well done piecing it all together.


This is stunning. Stunning! Good on your for undertaking it and making it your own. The colors are beautiful!

Turn the heat down, save some moolah and rock that bad boy daily!

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It’s gorgeous! Well done! I know how much work goes into a piece like this and you make it look easy.

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Thank you all!

@tendstowardschaos - I forgot to mention I started this back in September, with a healthy break in about November when I wasn’t sure if I was still liking it or not. Picked it back up in December and had a long holiday break to make some major moves to get this done :smiley: Definitely not a quick knit.


Woah, this is amazing!

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I saw this being made in bits & pieces but I still can hardly believe it. What a magnificent triumph! A blanket will be unreal.

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This is AH-MAZING!! I love the look of the blocks and it looks like you stitched those seams perfectly. I also love the blue for the sleeves.

And it looks so great on you, too - I don’t notice the extra width at all.

LOVE the idea of a blanket…someday! :grin:


Wowzers! I thought it was quilted - to see the individual knitted blocks, woah! Love it.

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Whoa. This is so cool! I love how one timeless craft (knitting) is emulating another (quilting) and it’s especially great that you used your yard scraps!

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I saw this in progress but thought it was crochet. Now that I see it’s knit, I’m even more impressed. It looks great on you.


:mega: :star2: :mega: HOT DANG! Your super cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATZ! :mega: :star2: :mega:

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Stunning. The colrs are so warm and inviting. Yummy.

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Way to stick with it! It was definitely worth it. It’s beautiful. I love the colors. It looks so comfy and amazing.

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Thank you!

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Well look at you Miz Cutie Pie. You look fabulous and it really did you. It’s gorgeous

What a beautiful jacket! Thanks for sharing your process!

This is so absolutely amazing. I adore the colors and the pattern is so lovely! I would be tempted, but all of those ends and sewing together may be a little bit much for my brain.

I know what you mean about boxy and short sweaters. I made a Penguono by Stephen West last year and feel the same way. I’d rather have it longer and narrower, but it’s not the end of the world. I still love the thick squish. :slight_smile:

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Wow, what an epic achievement! And it looks SO GOOD on you, too!