"How to Adult" Volume 1: Kitchen Basics 8.5 x 11 Book Cover (digital)

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I finally finished formatting the first book in my "How to Adult" Series… Argh, this is my least favourite part of any book project.

I decided to have it printed as 8.5 x 11, as I feel this is a nice size for something that will be used in a kitchen regularly. It’s also fairly long for what it is, so the bigger size makes for a more manageable number of pages.

I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to do certain things, so I ended up just purchasing a book cover template from a website called “Design Bundles.” It has the correct sizing and trim set so all I had to do is enter my info. Here it is!

I’m not thrilled with the background colour, but honestly, I spent so much time on this, I just wanted it DONE. I had originally wanted to publish it with a white background, but it just wasn’t working. So I settled on blue because I didn’t want to spend any more time looking through colours. Oh well.

And the paperback version is officially submitted for publish through KDP… though it’s not issue-free. I’ve requested a proof, but I’ve gone ahead and hit that publishing button, because I really just want to move on to writing the next volume.

Thanks for looking!


Congratulations on finishing Volume 1! While you may not love the color maybe white for a book in the kitchen would be too easily stained?


This is awesome! Congrats on getting this done. Publishing a book?! What an accomplishment. I like the blue cover and agree that white would have gotten messy quickly. If put in a drawer, it would also be easier to lose in all the random mail shuffle. This looks very professional!


Love the color and concept, congrats.
On my monitor, the shade of blue is headed toward teal. It reminds me of MeMaw’s Pink and Turquoise kitchen in the 50’s.


Congrats! You must be so excited.

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Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

@TheMistressT that’s a good point about the white in the kitchen; I hadn’t thought of that.

@Tee, thank you for sharing that :heart:

@endymion I feel at this point more relief than excitement, lol… I had hoped to have reached this point by February. But alas, it’s done. I feel like I can’t get excited until I get the proof and go over it… I had some issues with the upload.

I ran into a snag with gettig the proof. I put my marketplace as amazon . com, since the KDP for Canada is the same as the one for the US in terms of author usage… but it turns out that if my marketplace is set for amazon . com, they won’t send a proof to Canada. But because I already hit the submit button, I have to wait the 72 hours for the review process before I can change the marketplace… sigh.

I’m going to take a deep breath before I start the next volume… One slice at a time.

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What an amazing project!! So many people have difficulty adulting- I bet this will have some wide appeal!

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Congratulations! The cover looks great and the synopsis on the back is so well written. It feels very inviting, like a friend taking your hand and saying, ‘Here, I’ll walk you through this.’ And the fact that you wrote a book on how to adult is pretty darn grown up and impressive (I feel like I still need lessons myself, lol).

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Whoa! I might need this book (and probably the other volumes too), lol.

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