How to Adult Volume 1: Kitchen Basics


I got my author copies today and I must say the colour for the cover works :heart:

I came up with some fun subtitles for some chapters, I think.

I’m so happy :blush:


This looks amazing! Based on your chapter titles, it looks like a fun read!

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Congratulations! I know that cooking skills are very important. Not everyone growing up in a home was taught or learned even the basics (me, being one of those!).

I can laugh now, but just ask my husband about the “crunchy” chili I tried to make…who knew that you had to soak dried beans? (certainly not me!) ha

I wish you much success.


Congrats!!! How exciting to see your work in print.

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High five and congrats!

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Woohoo! How exciting!

I love the color. :slight_smile:

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Turned out so cool! Congrats!

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