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Those mittens!

I received from @Bugaboo. Hot chocolate and fun washcloths because I love taking hot baths after walking in the cold weather. A beautiful and soft cowl and a funky fun bracelet. I am also a tea junkie so she sent this adorable sloth tea strainer.
Thank you @Bugaboo!


The colors in that cowl are lovely. What a great package!

Hot chocolate with an extra taste something i will have to try
Very warm colors for the cowl: lovely

Oh man I was so hopeful our final package would arrive, I looked at the Canada tracking info and it said it was going to be delivered on Monday, but when I remembered to check it again today the site says “Item delayed — stay tuned for updates” :frowning:

@Myrthena I hope your package arrives safely on your doorstep soon! I can’t wait to see what hygge goodies you’ll get.

I’m patient.
But packages from Canada are always very slow :slight_smile: but the content is in general unexpected !

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Canada Post is often very slow. Hopefully it gets to you soon !


Hi All!
I know it has been some time but it looks like we need a swap angel for an international package. If you are interested in helping out, please pm me and @Cyn-energy


Hi everyone
Today i received a package from the swap angel: So sweet of you all to provide in a angel if a parcel gets lost.

I got a lovely card, a lot of footbath bombs :-), a nice candle with a crochet ornament, a cinnamon crochet ornament and 3 lovely lovely crochet flowers.
Thanks to all and especially to my angel Eva


Awesome! I love the soft textures and colors of the goodies, they are very calming and lovely!

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Also huge shout out to @kittykill and the mod team for staying on top and making sure every participant is taken care of, and in particular, swap angel @Ewulotta, who provided this lovely package of hygge goodness! :heart: :heart: :heart: