Hygge Swap Gallery

Creating our gallery so that it is ready when we need it! (Don’t forget to please message me when you send! :wink: )

@Myrthena :package:> @veghorsegirl :smile_cat:
@veghorsegirl :package: > @Myrthena
@Bugaboo :package: > @kittykill :smile_cat:
@Cyn-energy :package: > @Joywritesbooks :smile_cat:
@joywritesbooks :package: > @Cyn-energy :smile_cat:
@kittykill :package: > @Bugaboo :smile_cat:
@Kwality570 :package: > @thanate :smiley_cat:
@thanate :package: > @Kwality570 :smiley_cat:

:package: = sent
:smiley_cat: = received
:sweat_smile: = late with communication

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This should be a great gallery!!


I can’t wait to see all the goodies!

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I can’t wait to see what everyone crafted.

First package is for meeeee! :grin:

@Kwality570 made a lovely scarf from garment scraps, & some tags made with tile samples:

Cozy! :green_heart:


That scarf is beautiful.

Scrappy, earthy beauty - love it. Great idea repurposing the tile samples! Those papers that things were wrapped in are pretty cool too :smiley:

Wow! The USPS was quick!!! I love the action shot. :slight_smile:


I received the most amazing mug rug from @thanate. I love rainbows and mug rugs and she delivered both! It makes me so happy. Look at the fun quilting she did and she even added her signature machine embroidery to kick it up a notch. She also included some fun teas so I can enjoy a warm tea to make me extra cozy.
Thanks so much!


That is stunning! :heart_eyes:

so gorgeous

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You are right…the embroidery kicked it up a notch…it is gorgeous!

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So amazing!
@Kwality570 the scarf if beautiful and the little tags!!
@thanate that mug rug is absolutely beautiful! I love the color!!!


So pretty! Both packages give me some great ideas on how to use up some of the random bits of fabric I have been hoarding :smiley:


I received the most glorious, generous package from @Joywritesbooks today! I feel like she read my mind of my most hoped-for items and sent them all!!! :heart:

The packaging was lovely, presents wrapped in maps!

(I’m going to do all the pics and then come back and edit to add text because I have a LOT to say and typing on this tiny phone isn’t gonna get it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

OK, whew! Of course my dog was ready at the groomer right as I was finishing uploading. Here we go.

Pic 1 - the assemblage. Packed with love :heart:

The first item, one I had most hoped for - a bowl cozy! I’m so happy to get this, you have no idea. I immediately put my lunch bowl in it to take back up to my desk (I was on my lunch break when I noticed the package had been delivered, and had a noon meeting). Beautiful colors and nicely insulated to keep you from burning your hands. Which is great because I tend to like my food scalding hot to start out with :grin:

It fits my bowls perfectly

Next up: a lip balm holder, with some very nice lip balm inside!! I am the person that has lip balm everywhere (2-3 in every one of my 3-4 different purses I may rotate into or out of, 2 on every desk surface I may work at, one in my nightstand, some by my vanity…). I love the portability of this - I tend to pop my wallet in my pocket and go, and this allows me to easily carry a chapstick clipped to me, in a way that won’t wind up getting washed and (worst case) potentially go through the dryer.

Next up: SOUP! I love these kinds of pre-prepared meals, especially for the colder weather that’s coming up. It makes life so much easier if you can just toss something on with water or broth and have a hot meal at the end of the day. (side note - Joy, I’m really glad you didn’t put this in a mason jar, the box was pretty smushed when it arrived and I don’t think a glass jar would have survived - you must have had a premonition!). AND I can serve it with my bowl cozy when the time comes.

I almost didn’t spot this one hiding in the side of the package underneath some packing paper - a sweet shiny HOPE rock. I’m going to put it in at the base of one of my tall-standing plants so that it gives a little glimmer of HOPE to anyone that notices it :slight_smile:

And EXTRA GOODIES! Some lovely teas (I haven’t tried this brand before), delicious chocolate, and a GORGEOUS Trivet that I just love - these happy colors are giving me such happy vibes.

Thank you so, so, so much, Joy - I feel completely spoiled and I love every single thing that you sent. Welcome to the wonderful world of swapping, I hope to see you on future swaps :heart:


Oh, I’m so happy, Cynthia. Glad you are enjoying it and that it arrived safely despite the smushed box. Hope you have a cozy weekend!


Love it–what beautiful items! I like the wrapping paper too.

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Wow, that’s beautiful! Those colors will keep you inspired the whole long winter and the embroidery adds such nice texture.

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Yippee my package arrived today! Thank you so much, @Cyn-energy it’s amazing! First, I uncovered this bag of autumn tea (just the sound makes me feel cozy!). I suspect it’s a personalized blend?! It’s pretty too. :grinning: Next, I unwrapped this delightful little mug rug. I love the colors and the cute pattern AND the simple colors. This will be perfect on my desk for my daily mug of tea!

Thirdly came the delightful little lavender sachets. Oh.My.Goodness. Lavender is my absolutely favorite scent and I LOVE owls. These are so, so cool! I’m over-the-moon to try them out (but it seems a shame to hide them in my clothes where I won’t see them…maybe they too can be desk decor for a while?). Lastly, I unwrapped a beautiful little bar of hard lotion in a decadent vanilla scent. Mmmm, I can’t wait to give this a try. :grinning: And I can’t forget the card with hand-colored (or painted?) birds. I love birds and this card is so pretty and cheerful.

Thanks so much, Cynthia. I love it all! What a fun treat to get on this rainy, gloomy Saturday.


Close up of those adorable sachets: