Inchie Swap (From Discord) send outs Jan 13th 2020

I am hoping everyone posts the wonderful inchies that they are still receiving as well as the ones that have already been received and posted elsewhere.

@Averia —>CraftyLittleMonkey sent
@Averia —>HolyShitCandyBar sent
@Lynx2Lancer —>endymion received
@Lynx2Lancer —>Reinikka received
@Bluebird—>geekgirl1000100 received
@Bluebird—>Reinikka received
@geekgirl —>bird sent
@HolyShtCandyBar —>Averia Received
@endymion —>BigBangMomma received
@Reinikka —>BigBangMomma received
@Reinikka —>bird received
@Magpie —>Averia sent


These are the lovely inchies i received from HolyShitCandyBar! So very lovely and so very blue. Makes me so very happy


Are those all cut outs on those tiny spaces or are they drawn in? And tiny crystals? wow…they are lovely…I really like the graphic ones…and of course, the blue…

I received my inchies from @Reinikka! They are so pretty! She went with my themes of blue, sparkly, nature & hearts. I love them, thank you! :slight_smile:

@Averia, those inchies are lovely blues and I adore the little gems on them. :slight_smile:


I received from @Lynx2Lancer (the artist formerly known as BigBangMomma)! Hoping she’ll post her pictures of her inchies- they are better than my pics.


Everyone’s are so pretty!!! I love the “Golden blue midnight” one, as well as all the geometrics.

I’m in the middle of sewing pillows, but popping in to share the inchies I received from @Reinikka yesterday. She mostly went with artist choice, which I love!


Nice inchies! @Lynx2Lancer: My favorite is the top left one. :slight_smile: and @endymion The little robin is my favorite from your inchies. :slight_smile:

Here are my adorable inchies from blue bird. I admire her drawing abilities on such a tiny area. They are all great but the teeny tiny animal faces are the best!


That otter face!!!

You guys really went all out in this round…I see so many fun themes and techniques as well…I will definitely need to join the next round!

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Love all the blue!

really pretty inchies Reinikka. such a tiny tiny tag!

She did a great job with the alcohol inks!

the otter is my absolute favorite. I usually store my inchies in a tiny homemade book someone made me but I want to display this one somewhere so I can see it every day.

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Since I only have a few minutes and @endymion already created a post for the inchies she sent me, I’m going to just click this little link right here so you can see her cool inchies!

Also, I was trying to earn the onebox badge.


@geekgirl I’m so happy you enjoyed them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@AIMR :slight_smile: :otter:

Awww! :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :otter:

@Lynx2Lancer lol, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to earn that onebox badge too. :wink: @endymion Nice inchies! My fav is either the little wren in the bottom left or the holly with glittery background next to it. :slight_smile:


Otter emojis. That has made my day.


Thank you @Averia for setting up this gallery :slight_smile: now that I’ve completed the swap I’ll be done with discord as Lettuce Craft is my new jam :wink: (mmmmmmmm… leafy green jam…)

Here are the inchies I received from @Lynx2Lancer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: “Bloom of Jellyfish”

And from @bluebird :kissing_heart: A super cute variety of inspirational/positive sayings and some of my favorite things!

Thank you both!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Such amazing textures on those jellyfish! :slight_smile:

@Reinikka I’m so happy you enjoyed them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

there is a crafts DISCORD??!!?

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There is, set up as a temporary hangout, and it is awesome but nowhere near as awesome as here. If anyone wants to send me a private message i would happily send an invite. We tried the voice chat once, and was fun, but we mostly type.

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I received my inchies today from @geekgirl! They are so awesome! She went with my themes of heart, nature, birdies, sparkly, rainbows, and harry potter! I love them, thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love the rainbow heart!