Inktober First 3 Days Mashup (includes a spider)

I missed the first 3 days of Inktober, so rather than creating separate drawings, I decided to combine the 3 prompts into 1 larger drawing. Day 1’s prompt was “dream,” day 2 was “spider” (which is why I have blurred the photo), and day 3 was “path.”

inktober 1-3

Image description: a drawing, made in ink, of a woman sleeping. Her head is on a pillow and she has a blanket over her. A dream bubble on one side shows a green and black spider coming down from a silver web. Thought dots lead to a second dream bubble, which shows a woman running away, saying “aaa!” She is running on a road.


I like how you’ve connected the 3 themes into one story!

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Nice mash up! The spider web is cool…I did a spider but I didn’t know I could use colored ink…I might re-do it since I really need the color red to do my spider!

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So clever how you put the three themes together! And that spider is really amazing.

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You’re allowed to do pretty much anything for Inktober, as long as it involves ink–and even that can be stretched a bit :blush:

They do encourage black and white, but say that colour is allowed as well. Here’s the FAQ: FAQ — Inktober

Thank you for the kind words, everyone!