Invite Your Partner 2021 GALLERY!

I’m with you…hard to pick a favorite among such a group of beautiful items…but, that sign is probably going to be the winner for me…no, the pouch…or maybe the bag…yes, hard to pick

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Great package! That sign is fantastic and I also like that notebook and the watercolor… oh, heck, I can’t pick, either!

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That’s like picking your favorite child! Lovely package so beautifully done!

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Fabulous package! Everything is just lovely. That cross-stitch is beautiful, and funny. My DH is a whole department unto himself, as well, and…I get it. :joy:

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I’m so glad you liked everything! You’ll have to show us a picture of your little office once it’s all set up.

Also…looking through your photos I apparently had a distinctive theme for you of office things/supplies. :joy:

Thanks for asking me to swap with you! You can be my partner anytime. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I received from @gozer today. I am kind of blown away. I asked for a tote with a pocket. You know, just something simple… Well, brace yourselves…

When I opened the box and caught a first glimps of this bird design, it reminded me of the movie The Crow and I got more excited. Does that show my age at all? lol

Now, as if the fabulous tote wouldn’t be enough… inside was a matching zippered pouch and a decorated notebook. What!?

Wow. This is really lovely. Thank you so very much. I think I am afraid to use it. I don’t want to get it dirty. :laughing::grin: It will be treasured. :heart:


Wowzers! That tote is amazing! And with a matching zipper pouch!? Sah-weet!


Wow! That tote kicks butt! I love the straps and that crow design is chefs kiss


Awesome bag!


This is a great package! The tote is awesome (the appliqué looks fantastic) and the pouch is the perfect accessory. That notebook is adorable! I love the minimalist coloring on the drawing on the front.


Y’all ready for this? I sure hope so! The most amazing package came this morning and I’ve spent the last few minutes in awe and wonderment. Gosh, I don’t even know where to start. First, the whole shebang

Let’s break it down
The pillows. Mercy goodness me the stitching on these is exquisite and Frida’s earrings and head piece are 3-D

The tea towel! How fun!

The socks and lapel pin! (My newest obsession)

This cuter than cute keychain (I’ve been rubbing the fibers between my fingers)

And then…this… the pinnacle of all that is holy and good. An oval hoop with gorgeous stitching and amazing flowers. I was going to hang this in my craft room but I want it in the main house for all to see.

Thank you so much for dancing @kittykill this was so much fun!


So much Frida goodness just made my mind explode! I am loving the 3-D embellishments to the stitching! It really ups the WOW factor!

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@gozer What a great tote! It’s so heavy duty and cool that it’ll hold up forever! Maybe it’ll become a family heirloom. :slight_smile:

@kittykill What an amazing Frida package!

I went into the office for the first time since I received my package and put up my new Mayor of Marketing Island art. I got an office with the pandemic and it’s my first decoration (besides my ever growing Target holiday bird collection). I got compliments from the other three people in the office that saw it because its AMAZING! Here’s an action shot of it in its new home:


What a delicious package of Fridas! I’m kind of overwhelmed by the awesome myself… each and every piece is worthy of praise, but where to even start? Kittykill’s stitching is always exquisite and her felt embellishments always just take it right to the tippy top.


Awwwww yeeeea! That looks good! Also…I’m uber jealous. It was a dream of mine to have an office to decorate when I grew up. And if we’re being honest, my actual dream was to have a cubicle of my own. :joy:


I received my package today and I can’t stop crying. @artsycandice outdid herself. Thank you so much. You have no idea. This is the most precious thing in the world to me.
I didn’t expect to get the package so fast so when I saw it on the porch with some Amazon and Ebay packages, it didn’t even register it could be for the IYP. I opened the others and started on this one. While opening the box I kept thinking, what did I order? Then it hit me. It was so neatly packaged. I read the card and opened the extras first.
When AtsyCandice asked me what I wanted, I said buttons. I have no idea how hard ceramics are and thought they may be a bit of a hard ask, but hoped I could get some to snazz up a cardigan. She said okay and I left the rest up to her to surprise me. She made the most beautiful buttons in a great collection of blues and creams. Look how nicely she displayed them too. She also included this fun whistle. It works too! I had a laugh once I realized what it was. I saw the holes and thought it was an incense holder until I took the chance and blew into it. It has an awesome texture and it super cool.

Then I opened the main project and the waterworks started. Oh my goodness! I keep crying. This is one of the most amazing present I have ever gotten. It’s unbelievable. She sculpted my beloved cat Venkman. He was 21 when he passed near the end of July 2020. He is my other half and I miss him so much.

The details are so perfect. I know the picture that she referenced. LOL! His eyes are greener than they are showing in the pictures. I think the fact that my walls aren’t white is throwing it.

Here is a picture to show scale.

Thank you so much ArtsyCandice. Your work is exquisite and I will treasure this gift forever. I am still crying. Thank you so much. Words cannot express how much this meant to me.


Oh my goodness! What a wondrous swap package! I love a pet portrait, but this one takes the cake! What a treasure. The buttons are truly lovely and will be such a great detail on whatever they grace. And a whistle… toot toot!


Oh. My. Goodness. It’s not even my cat and I’m crying! Gorgeous work and those handmade buttons are top notch!

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I am sure there are many wet faces reading your post @gozer…such effort to make something so meaningful…

And those buttons will be so lovely on anything!


I’m not crying, you’re crying! wwwaaahhhh :sob: :broken_heart: :heartpulse: