Iron bench from hotglue

Aha! Hot glue is better for cast iron than for wrought iron. It’s all a learning experience.

This is another piece for my Spanish mission style mini box. Bench is 3.5" wide, 1 :12 scale, and has skewer reinforcement.

And here’s my first try in the background
I used leftover bits from rejected chandeliers from this project Mini hot glue wrought iron chandelier. I love it, but it’s too big for my space. 5.5" long, 1 :12 scale.


This is such a cool idea! Thanks for posting the picture of your first try, too; I can see the progression. Love that it is reinforced with skewers.


Nicely done


Simply inspired! Your little benches are fab!


These are brilliant. I never would have considered hot glue as a creative building element. I am curious to see what else you come up with. How rigid are these pieces? Could they support light play or are they strictly decorative? (My kids play with the dollhouse for the time-being).

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They would withstand a lot of handling. You know, hot glue.
If it got stepped on, or had a book dropped on it, the skewers could break. Pulling at the glue could tear it.

The fragile chandelier from my earlier post got crushed on my workable, and is now kind of flat, but could probably be revived.

That is such a great idea!

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