It might as well be spring

Ruffly blouses!

First attempt, made from semi sheer cotton (voile?) caftanlike blouse from a thrift store in Page, AZ.

I have a love/hate relationship with pink. I can’t resist it, but never wear it.

I like this one better, from Eureka, CA estate sale semisheer polyester fabric.

I used this pattern as a leaping off point, leaving off the front band and redrawing the neckline, changing the sleeves, and adding ruffles


Very pretty!

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Beautiful job!! Embrace the pink!!! Wear it!

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So many thoughts. First, these are beautiful! Absolutely amazing and I think that sheer type material would be harder to sew, and that impresses me more.
Why don’t you wear pink?! If you like it, wear it. If you say you’re drawn to it, stop fighting it. Embrace it and make it yours. Yes, I am a pink lover if you couldn’t;t tell.
And last, so you used the pattern and then changed every single aspect of it? :rofl: I’d say you pretty much drafted that up yourself after all those alterations.

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Those are both gorgeous. I hope your relationship with pink trends toward the “love” end of the spectrum with your pretty new top!


Thanks, all!

not EVERY aspect. I kept everything from about 2" inside CF to the elbow the same. I don’t like drafting sleeves.

These two were quite a struggle, I think I used the seam ripper almost as much as the sewing machine. I may never do anything with ruffles again.
I even wound up using the hem foot to finish every single seam allowance, because both fabrics fray like crazy.

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Great job! I adore that blue one.

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The ruffles!! They work so well with the material you used. Both blouses are beautiful and definitely scream spring!

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I like pink, but it doesn’t look good on me. I “had my colors done” back in the '80s…

pale, dusty pinks are fine, but the lovely bright pinks make me look washed out.


What does that mean? :thinking:

Great sewing btw! :raised_hands:t2:

OMG I remember when you’d have your colors done! Mine are like the opposite of yours

People got special training to choose which colors look good on clients based on skin, eye, and hair color.
There were different systems; one divided people into seasons. I’m a Spring; those yarns are the colors chosen for me.

Winter and Summer have pink-tinged skin, and look good in clear, vivid colors like that pink blouse; Spring and Fall have a touch of yellow in their skin, and look better in dusty colors.

“Color Me Beautiful” is a book that tells you how to select your own colors.

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Thank you so much for the explanation, fascinating!

I love colour theory and it sounds really interesting :hugs:

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