Jewelry and more jewelry

I made these for @AIMR in the IYP swap. She’s fun to craft for because she has such a colorful and eclectic style.


I also made necklaces. This one I made with an interesting clasp so that it could be worn with the clasp showing or not, and it has matching earrings:

It was a delight to go through my giant boxes of charms to come up with the fixings for this necklace, which I think turned out very pretty:

For pics that show the truer colors, check out @AIMR’s post in the gallery!

Thanks for looking!


Wow, these are so fun and charming!

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Thank you!

Wow! You’ve made a Collection! My favorites are the pearl earrings and the necklace with the leaf clasp.

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Thank you!

Everything works so great together, but my absolute fave is that key necklace. It’s so fun!


That is a complete jewelry set, wow! Love the way you make the necklace and earrings match but not exactly the same.

Great work! :orange_heart:


Ok, when can we ALL come play in those giant boxes of funzzies?

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Thanks, everyone!

@Tee come on over- goodness knows that I have enough for EVERYONE.

Silly you, lol.

But, if you ever see anything I post that you like, a trade could occur.

hmmm emoji Hmmm

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Don’t mind me. Just casually stalking and swooning over all of your jewelry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: