Jordan Travel Sketchbook

I got back from a trip to Jordan earlier this week and I thought I’d share a few photos of my travel sketchbook. I’m still working on a few additional pages, but these are the ones I actually finished on the trip.

One major highlight of the trip was taking a workshop on geometric art with a local artist. I was super intimidated because it was advertised as being taught in Arabic, which I don’t speak beyond a few words, but the teacher was trilingual and was able to explain. I’m excited to put some of what I learned into practice!

I really like this way of documenting my travels. I feel like I do a better job of remembering, and it also gives me a way to relax while I’m traveling.


This sounds like a really exciting trip! I love that you were able to do artwork documenting your trip while actually on your trip. And your pages are really lovely, too!@


So cool! I’ve always admired people who can do this. And what a great way to capture the memories. I love your style.
Do you paint them on the go as well?


Thank you! I do paint as I go, although I often sketch and highlight first, then go back and paint when the ink is dry and I have access to water.

Here was my kit for this trip! Fineliner, a few Mildliners, white gel pen and pencil, and watercolors.


These are incredible! You are an immense talent. I love everything about this. You really capture the mood of each scene, especially the fire pit.
In awe of your skills!


These are amazing! They are all so cool; that first one especially draws my eye. There’s just something about the balance/composition of it…


I second(+) what everyone else is saying! As a detail nerd, I also love your date and temperature notations.


Wow, I love your travel journal!
And that you took a trip to Jordan.
And that you were able to draw and paint while on your trip.
The workshop sounds very interesting too.
You rock!


They’re all gorgeous! You put my travel journals to shame. Your sketch of Petra reminds me why Jordan is high on my bucket list!

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Thanks, all! I really appreciate the encouragement - I have not historically considered myself to be good at drawing, and so this is really new for me. I’ve been watching some urban sketching videos and I think it helped me loosen up and enjoy the process.

I did some more sketching over lunch (I had way more things I wanted to paint than time when we were actually there!) and am hoping to finish these tonight.

@SewCrafty - It was even better than I thought it would be! We came up the back way (it was a hiking tour) and it’s huge and so beautiful. If you don’t mind hiking/climbing a bit, you can easily get away from the crowds, too.

@megwell - If you look closely, you can see that I initially wrote a % instead of a ° in the first one. My brain was scrambled eggs from being so hot!


This is stunning! I also admire this ability. It’s a wonderful way to carry your memories. I will have to look up urban sketching…


Absolutely gorgeous!!!


I finished up a couple more pages! I’m weirdly proud of the big camel - my partners and I were joking that the smaller camels on the other pages look like “racing snails”.:rofl:


These are so striking, you are so talented!

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These are gorgeous!

I love that you combine the sketches/paintings with written entries about your experience. What a treasure for remembering your travels :heart:

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These are so awesome!

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Wow! Phenomenal!

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What a fun trip. It sounds like you really immersed yourself within the culture. This is such a neat way to capture your memories! I love the combination of written and visual aspects. I am in awe of your painting/drawing talents!

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Love your sketch book. I used to know some families from Jordan. Such good food. They taught me how to make some of the dishes. Mansef was often on the menu. I haven’t made it in years.


:metal: :zap: :boom: Oh, my giggles! Your great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :metal: :zap: :boom:

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