Kitty Cat Baby Toy

I wanted a quick little project to help jump start my crafting for 2020. I found this cute little baby rattle pattern and figured it would do the trick.

I raided my stash for materials. I did not have the called for “rattle box” but oddly enough I do have an assortment of squeakers for stuffies so the kitty rattle became a kitty squeaker.

Close up of kitty’s face and the D20 fabric. Ahem…my embroidery skills are not great.

For size reference - I figure its a good size to be one of those toys that clip to the baby gym or something.


Kitty’s face is delightful. And I love that it’s a squeaker now, too.

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That is adorable :smiley: Great job

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@Rlynn blah, don’t say that! Your embroidery is good! I love your fabric color story! The lettuce green on earthy tweed, with pink highlights? Gah! And it looks really textural!

Fun AND functional!


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there is nothing wrong with your embroidery! And d20 fabric? awesome!

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I’m currently trying to whip up a matching pair of overalls for the same baby using the rest of the d20 fabric.

Also thanks everyone. :heart:

That is adorable! Great job whipping it up!

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