Knitted bunny nuggets - Inspired-along challenge 2022 Entry

Take a look at these little nuggets! So cute and fun to make. I received a similar bunny from a swap, and I’ve been meaning to try making one myself at some point since it looked like a fun knit.

I don’t usually craft a lot for easter, but when the inspired-along challenge was posted I fell into the rabbit hole (ha) of browsing craft alongs. I had completely missed the Easter craft along until then. I saw that @Abbeeroad posted some bunny egg cosies and those made me think of the bunny nugget pattern. I knew there’d be two small boys attending our easter celebration this year, so I figured I’d make them each a small gift.

Another craft along I stalk is the Destash along. I have plenty of stash to work from and created these little critters completely from stash. I used up one kind of safety eyes, but only small amounts of everything else. Oh, well!

Stash used:

  • Ciao trunte merino yarn for the body and ears
  • Fiberfill
  • Safety eyes (that I received in a swap several years ago)
  • Acrylic yarn for the pom poms
  • Bit of cardboard from the recycling bin for the pom poms.

I think that’s it!

Time for the nuggets to hop along into their easter eggs.

Edit: I forgot to link to the pattern!


Oh my gosh I couldn’t tell they had that amazing pom-pom tail in the craft along pics!! Now I really need some of these little guys in my life! I’m sure they’ll be a hit!


I made them huge to help them stand. Bit of snail/bunny/alien vibe :laughing:


omg! bunny nuggets! Adorable!


Oh my giggles! Those ginormous pom tails! They remind me of puppy feet.


The tail! Too cute!!!

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Oh my gosh, how cute!

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I added a pattern link, but you could also search for it on ravelry. But since the ravelry page links to that pdf I just linked to it directly too.

So, so cute!

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Adorable!!! So tiny!

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Congratulations! These adorable bunnies are a FEATURED PROJECT! I couldn’t resist those tails!
Thank you for contributing to our community. :green_heart:


These are so bizarre and confusing and I LOVE THEM! :two_hearts: :rofl:

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