Easter Craftalong

(not my work! Pattern can be bought here: https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/953153004/gelukkige-paashaas-borduurset-gedrukt?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=easter+embroidery+pattern&ref=sr_gallery-1-6&organic_search_click=1&frs=1 )

I’m in a bit of a crafting slump, but I would like to celebrate Easter with Mr Imma and send some care packages and/or cards to family and friends we can’t see now.


I was pinteresting/googling Easter ideas just last night. :yellow_heart:

I’m all about spring this year. This winter seemed like one big, long cabin fever because of Covid. I’m excited to be out and about in the fresh, spring air.

Bring on the spring/Easter crafts! :bouquet::hatching_chick::rabbit2:


I was looking at my planning and I was shocked to see how close we are to Easter! I had no idea. I will put my Jesus Christ Superstar record on tonight to get in the right mood, and start crafting.

I want to send my mum a care package. There needs to be some chocolate in it, I’ll make a trip the the local chocolaterie tomorrow, but she’s trying to lose weight so it can’t just be sweets. I’m thinking of some seeds for her garden and something crafted. I’ll send a smaller one to my siblings.

Then some cards to family members. I’m not a papercrafter at all but I’ve also signed up for the Happy Mail Craftalong so I need to learn it, I guess.

I also want to make Easter a special occasion at home. Mr Imma is not really into the traditional celebration of Easter. We were both raised Catholic but he feels further removed from that than I do. Instead of making the traditional foods from my family, I’m thinking of serving what we ate during our first Easter together in 2014.

I would like to make some decorations as well, but they’re on the bottom of the list so it probably won’t happen :laughing:

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I will probably make a couple things for my kids so I’ll play along!

Lol @Immaculata - I now have JC Superstar in my head. “What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening…” lol.

My son never cared about holidays and all the little traditions that go along with them but my girls are obsessed! I feel like a totally different parent this time around, lol.


Yeeeessss!!! I used to listen to it with my mum when I was a girl. I have always loved holidays and traditions, but in my family when my parents divorced, that was the end for family celebrations. I’ve always tried to keep up at home.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! I’ve already finished my Easter crafting and have to move on to some other projects.


Spring! I’d love to do some Easter stuff! We are hoping to do a Passover meal this year, even though we are not Jewish. I really enjoy exploring other cultures.

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Aargh!! I started this thread, and then I still did 0 Easter crafting! The only thing I did is get a few cards at the store.


I’ve got some Easter stuff (cards and such) to share but it’s all for swaps/exchanges. :grimacing:

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I really want to join you and make some Easter/Spring things but I neeeeed to finish the sweater I’m working on first- she might already have out grown it but if not I’d like to catch a wear or two before she does! Hopefully that will be finished by the weekend. Then I can hop to it on the Springy stuff.

(See what I did there? Eh? Ehhhh? :frog:)


We put up a little egg banner yesterday. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just foam eggs from a craft kit but the girls went to town on the decorating. They love seeing it hanging up!


Oh! We did a similar one here but bunnies and chicks with eggs:

I’m not totally behind the game! :laughing:


Yessssss! Love it!!


They look fun!!!

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I made a little bunny egg cozy yesterday. One more to go!



I just had a brainwave!

My favourite teapot cracked the other day. At first it didn’t leak much but I’ve used it a few times since and it’s becoming more and more leaky. I’ve looked into glueing but I wouldn’t be comfortable drinking from that pot again. This morning, I received a thank-you card from work thanking us for a year of working from home, and it came with a bag of flower seeds. So I suddenly figured, wouldn’t my teapot make an awesome flowerpot? That would be some nice spring decoration. Also, the burlap bag the seeds came in could totally be re-used for one of my Easter gifts.


Smart! How sad to lose your favorite teapot, but this way you don’t have to! :heart::heart:


You can drill drain holes in ceramic if you use a glass and tile bit.
You get a new tool and skill (what shall I drill next?), and the plants don’t get root rot!


I’ve turned some of my Japanese blue and white pottery into plant pots or pencil holders after they have cracked! Pottery is so useful and pretty!

Just wanted to share my sister’s “art”–she makes the best sugar cookies for all of us every holiday. These were from last year…

She no longer runs her little bakery business so I thought I would take a few of her cookies from over the years and duplicate them in felt and make them into magnets…