LC Grab Bag Swap Gallery

Since this is a completely random Grab Bag swap, this gallery should be fairly random. :crazy_face:
Go ahead and post those goodies here!


Reserved for Partners Info:
Package was Received :moneybag:
Sent :package:
@bluebird :package: :moneybag:
@megwell :package: -:moneybag:
@geekgirl :package: :moneybag:
@Fonduie :package: (x2)
@gozer :package: (x2) :moneybag: :moneybag:
@Lynx :package: :moneybag:
@endymion:package: (x2) :moneybag::moneybag:
@Bunny1kenobi :package: (x2) :moneybag::moneybag:
@Cindy :package: :moneybag:
@kittykill :package: x2 :moneybag::moneybag:
@monstersmiles :package: :moneybag:
@Kwality570 :package: :moneybag:

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I am excited to see all the L and C crafts!


Me too! I’ll try to ship Monday!


Ditto! Also planning to mail Monday; just got to package everything up.

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This will be fun!

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Looks like fun! Hope to play next month!

This isnt on on-going swap so there are no plans to do it again next month. I will do it again in the future, maybe in a few months.

I decided not to go out in the rain to ship today, but I did receive and it looks like I’m first. :slight_smile:

My partner (I know who you are) sent me two cards.

One says “loved” for L, the other is a collage with a circle for “c.”

Thank you! I’ll be sharing these in swaps or happy mail.


You can say who it is if you know, if not, let us know who you are! I like the circle card, it reminds me of a cassette tape!


It does look like a cassette tape!

Oh okay!

Thank you @megwell!

:laughing: I was having a lot of fun with the “secrecy,” even after I knew you were my recipient and would surely recognize my return address, or my handwriting, or…

I didn’t see that until now, but you’re totally right! Current C tally for that card is now 3 :+1:t2:.


I recognized @megwell’s work before I even knew she was in the swap! :heart: And I saw the one on the left as a cassette too!


I sent mine out today. The delivery dates are Friday and Monday.

I sent today! I’ll pm tracking later!

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I mailed my items on Sunday

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I got mine from @bluebird today! She sent two beautiful watercolors!
L is for Lovebirds.

And cute, chubby, circle shaped bird. Ha! Love the interpretation.

Love them. Thank you so much!


Ooh, love the sweet birdies!

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Oh, the cute chubby circle shaped bird :heart_eyes:
Great job @bluebird