LC Shawl-Along ~ Knitters & Crocheters Unite!

It’s a multi colour cake, red through pink to grey. It’s a Caron Cake.

Hmm… How about a half circle shawl? I like the pattern ”Citron” and it seems to work well with long colour repeats:

If the repeats are shorter this might be a fun option:


Wow–the Sagrantino is lovely!

Thanks! I will look at those!

I’m thinking (read: Obsessively debating with myself) about working up this pattern for my cotton red/white/blue yarn I was fighting with last year. I have 800m of a ‘2’ weight. I’m not sure how it will work up… I really need to stop acquiring yarns without patterns in mind for them!


I’ve used similar yarn to make a shawl and just love the airy patterns. I think some of the fun of stashing yarn is later being challenged to find patterns to fit the yarn…it is part of the creative process to me! Am I helping? :rofl:


Seeing as I just collected the latest mystery yarn from the mailbox, Yes, yes you are! haha!

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I finished this in time for my friends wedding in June. Pleased to have started and finished a project in good time!!!

Link to pattern: Ravelry: Crazy Eights Shawl pattern by PurpleIguana


Ooo…lovely and delicate!!

Abbee is right, it’s lovely!