LC Shawl-Along ~ Knitters & Crocheters Unite!

HELP please!!!

I have this random yarn that I bought many years ago with no real purpose. I started to make a shawl for my friend who likes yellows, but I’m torn…

Ignoring all the ends that are currently tied pending weaving in (and the mess everywhere), do I continue with this ? It’s not giving me the happy feels, more of a ‘meh’.


  1. continue as is
  2. Frog and make a tapered shawl, this kinda style: Ravelry: Pine Lake Shawl pattern by Jaala Spiro
  3. Frog and make a scarf (no idea of style yet)
  4. Hide it again and 4.1 finish another wip or 4.2 start something new and completely different
  5. Other options

Any thoughts?

Just by posting this you are most likely in a place where frogging is the way to go. If you are meh then you are also likely tuned into your friend also being meh. I know when I work on a project for a friend who has totally different taste than me but i feel like it’s a “heck ya!” project for them then I dont have the “meh” feeling I would have just seeing it out in the wild or whatever. Does that make sense?

If you think the yarn is a “heck ya!” for your friend then finding a new pattern will be fun. If the yarn is the meh factor then donating it might be the most pleasant way to go.


I think you’re right, I think the yarn is the right yarn, it’s just the project that’s dull. It’s been in timeout for ages so I think frogging is unfortunately the way forward.

I think I’ll start again with what’s left of the yarn (a fair amount!) and see how I like the next project before frogging. At least then I can test the yarn.


That’s what I am going to do as well…I will start with a fresh skein and then if I need more, I will frog what I already did. I refuse to work on projects that I am just not into (ha ha which is why I have a pile of mending…those are tasks, not joyful making!)


Me too!, Just dug some bits out to fix, then went for a walk!!

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At the thrift store. Handmade, double sided tube. Impossible to wear, just awkward, but WOW! All the lovely yarn & stitches.

I didn’t buy it, even though it was only 3 bucks. What would I have done with it but wish I had made it myself!


Was it some sort of scarf? It could be cut into boot toppers or leggings of some sort…

I am going to work on this shawl…

Floral Shawl

My first thought was a clan of sweatered monsters since the pattern repeats. Although, if you fold it in on itself, add a bit of interfacing and a bottom, it would be a great project storage basket.

No way that was coming home with me. I have my own ridiculous stash I’m tryna bust already!


Oh :astonished:, I thought you had bought it to make some swants (is that the right word??? And, is it you that makes them, I’m sure it is but I questioning myself now)

I have made swants, that’s me! But from prefab sweaters, never hand knit. I would be afraid of unraveling.

Maybe you could learn to steek it? (#notenabling)

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What about turning it into a few totes? Lining them with fabric. Or making reusable gift bags from it.

I didn’t buy it! Lol, resisting temptation.

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ahhhh g’wan, go buy it :rofl:

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You guys must not understand thrift-store shopping here. If you don’t get it right away, it’s gone forever. That’s half the reason I ended up with such a big stash! The good thing is though, you only have to resist temptation once 'cause after that it’s taken out of your hands, literally :smile:


Now I’m really curious if it is still there. Just cuz. If you were to under the weather and I was a smidge more of an enabler i’d be chanting “Go and see! Go and see!”

But dont. You stay strong, boo.