Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

Look at these lovely beauties @photojenn sent me! I’m quite sad about the bad lighting but I get home after dark each day. They are absolutely stunning though. And the card! Wonderful.


Yay! I’m glad they made it! They got there faster than another package I sent that stayed in the US :joy:


You lucky duck!


Look what @grabacoffee sent me! So completely sweet & adorable. Also, wow, the meticulous tidy TINY stitches? Amazing.

Thank you so much, I really love it all, especislly your son’s art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Please tell him thank you very much.



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Hello! I am going to post here, but I am not sure if this is right since the title of the post is for 2020. Is everyone still using this thread?
Anyhoo, @Magpie was an absolute sweetheart and did a swap with @Dooney for one of her amazing crochet adoptable cats. But instead of sending it to her, she sent it to me! It is the cutest thing ever! If you missed it, here is her post.

This is the little nugget I received.

She came with her own box, an adoption certificate, and a cupcake box (not pictured) as her carrier.

And here is little Twinkle peeking out of her box.

Thanks so much to the both of you. This made my day!
I love it so much that I downloaded the pattern. One day, if I ever learn to crochet, I will make one. Too bad yarn hates me. These are adorable!


@magpie is the sweetest! What an adorable kitty!


Soooo cute! I love the speckles. Super fun organizing this sneaky gift exchange!


That is hilarious-- I love the tiny box.


Thank you so much. This was completely unexpected and so sweet. Thank you so much!

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Here’s what I got from @Magpie in that swap! Some beautiful coasters with leafy batik fabric in a gorgeous shade of blue :heart_eyes:. There’s even a layer of waterproofing inside!

I love how the fabrics are swapped on the other side.

Thank you Magpie, they are perfect for our living room table. Can’t wait for hubby’s next days off to sit and have coffee together before the kids get up :blush: Thank you for swapping with me!


@Dooney’s kitten nuggets are the cutest! The cardboard box is my favorite of all the accessories, too. What a fun surprise, @gozer! @Magpie , those coasters are very pretty too!


So happy they arrived & you like them. Thank you for swapping!


Hey @Dooney! That little nugget is beyond adorable! To get the varigation in the kitten, did you just include a different yarn for a stitch or two, and then tuck them inside? Or did you duplicate stitch them?


This one is these two yarns.

I started with the cream as the base, did the feet bobbles and tail in the variegated, back to cream, and then gradually made more and more of the stitches with the variegated until the top of the head was all variegated before finishing off. I did a lot of switching back and forth, and most of the time I just strung the unused color behind the other one.
I used a free pattern on Ravelry ( Ravelry: Kitten Nuggets pattern by Jazzmine Pittman ) but I did modify it a little in how the tail is done and no joining rounds. Hope that made sense!


I think it a terrifically fantastic coincidence that those are the very shades of Venkman the Cat. Not his marking so much but like a little sibling.


That is an incredibly clever way to get a piebald cat!

I also downloaded the pattern. Crochet is not my strong suit, but they’re so cute, you’re making me want to try! The variegated yarn is the win! Thank you so much for sharing! And the box was the chef’s kiss!


I thought it was just me, everything reminds me of him. :grin:
Thank you again. The kitty adoption is such a cute idea. The little certificate was brilliant.
Those coasters are beautiful. The batik fabric is so rich and dreamy. Its like an ocean. I love the way they squares are stylized and slightly off kilter. Beautifully done!

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Look at what @Magpie made for me!!! A mini art quilt! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: she even added hanging loops on both sides in case I wanted to change which side was up. It’s so pretty! Thank you so much Tisha!



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