Kitten nuggets

I signed up for my first craft show in years, and another person is selling hats, which I also make. I’m going to only bring a few of those and branch out a bit. Here is one of my ideas: a kitten adoption event!

They’ll get their choice of pet, choice of bed, adoption certificate, and a “pet carrier” (cupcake box :laughing:).

I’m also planning on other animals if I have time. I just love these kitten nuggets :grin:

Pattern I used:


I think this is so cute! If you paired this with a donation (percentageof profit?) to a shelter it would be utterly irresistible.


Those are adorable!

Oh man. My kids would not let me leave without one of these (each!) if we ran into your booth. Good luck!

So adorable! Love the cupcake box carrier!

Awww, I’m not a cat person but they’re just adorable!!

Those are super cute! The eyes you picked are great for little kitten nuggets.

Such a cute and clever idea! These are going to be a big hit!

Cutest thing ever!

So cute! and such a clever presentation. My daughter would probably drag me over to your booth and spend an hour deciding which one to get.

I had that though too! I think I’m going to donate to the local shelter.


They are so charming, cat lovers are going to fall for them no matter what. You know how the kitty crew are such tender hearts, they would be extra pleased to support a shelter at the same time as adopting a nugget :kissing_heart:

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These are so cute!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Sooooooo cute!!! I think they would definitely be a market hit. Especially coming up to holiday season.

This is soooo cute!!!

I am in LOVE with this! Oh my goodness. I am a grown-ass woman and I would be at your booth pushing kids out of the way to get mine! I love this idea!!! It’s so cute!
And next year you could make little hats or scarves so they can accessorize the cats they adopted the year before. I would be such a sucker for these!


:eyes: Well, lookie here! :eyes: Your amazing craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rainbow:



Some kitties might like crocheted boxes to hide in! :wink:

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Oh, my. Those are absolutely adorable! Love the options for choices, too. I think people are going to snap them right up. Good luck with your sale!

GREAT IDEA! :two_hearts: