Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

@Renstar, you spoiled me rotten! And all the jewelry findings for @Pigeon wow.

This is my favourite bitty bit. I love spotty batiks!


Yay, I’m so glad it turned up. I found some jewellery wire after I posted that was meant to be included, will try and send that some time!! (Don’t hold your breath, my will to get to the post office is generally low!!!)

I made a baby quilt with that spotty fabric. It was very cute.

Y’all, I got the most beautiful and useful purse organizer from @Magpie :heart_eyes:
Side one

Side two

Inside: perfect fit for my work taco and a fat hand creme

Inner pocket

Outer (candy) pocket

Inside my Sipsey Wilder purse. My wallet fits right on top of the work taco so i dont have to dig for it

Inside my Chala purse

Also this amazing reminder, already on my wall

And a bookmark - being used to mark my next project


It is beautiful and practical…I love that you have one of the pockets dedicated to candy… :chocolate_bar: :candy: :lollipop:


Haha, me too! I should always include a candy pocket. Fits great in your bags too, that’s cool.


What a great package! I love the little wall hanging and its message.

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One of the bacons has “gone bad”, ack!

And also, kitty! Immediately stolen by the girl.

Thanks so much @Dooney, this is just the best swap :smile:


So cute!

That bacon looks real bad!

Those are great!!! lol!!

@Magpie and I were partnered in the felt badge swap and along with a fabulous felt badge, she also sent this beautiful rainbow heart hanging. It is already hanging on my crafty board, so I can see it when I sit at my desk

She also sent the most amazing envelope of stamps, as I am decorating a box with them - so many great images to play with

Thank you for a lovely envelope of goodies :two_hearts:


How excellent!!

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Wonderful! So happy that arrived quickly & safely, also that you like it & will make use of the stamps. I’ve been collecting those from happy mail so it will be like many friends here contributed to your eventual finished craft.
The rainbow scrappy thing would make a good pincushion I think.


Today was such a great mail day! I received two personal-swap Teesha Moore patches from @roler:

I love them both; am totally enthralled by her take on Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. It’s marvelous! And the button palette is super cute as well.
She also sent me some adorable Pokémon extras:

Thanks so, so much!!! I can’t wait until I have enough TM patches to complete my ATC binder cover.


I love that girl with the pearl earring patch! :star_struck:


button as the paint on the palette is such a cute idea! love it!

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Check out this great mini quilt @Cindy made for me!! :heart_eyes:

The colors on my phone are a bit off so check out her thread for a better pic

And in situ in my sewing area along with an embroidery sampler from @kittykill, a wall hanging by me, and an art quilt from @Magpie

Thanks for swapping with me @cindy!


So happy to see these beautiful projects!

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That display wall is AMAZING! Fantastic addition, looks great.

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