Light It Up Swap Gallery!

I got my AMAZING package from @gozer!!!

I love book nooks and I got the perfect specimen!

It looks like someone went picking wildflowers, and just set their books down for a minute.

But look! The tiny books even have pictures inside! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

And here it is, in its new home on my bookshelf, between the books she got me for Christmas! (Elizabeth Peters is a HUGE favorite! I have all of her books and I cried when she passed. @gozer knows me so well – these are signed first editions and true treasures to me.) This is now a very, very special space on my bookshelf.

Thank you so much, @gozer! I hope you like your package even half as much!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I love it. I just want to drop in there and curl up with one of those books. :heart_eyes:


Oh now that is a lovely sylvan glade!


Such a lovely book nook, @gozer! And those tiny books are adorable.


LOVE the book nook @gozer! It looks so cozy and tranquil.


Thanks everyone! I have never made anything like it before, and making it for such a miniatures expert like @Bunny1kenobi added to the stress, I am so glad it arrived in one piece and not all shaken up. I tried to make it as sturdy as possible.


Pshaw…. I’m hardly a miniatures expert! But I’m so glad that you leapt in with both feet and went for it. I love the results!


It almost a fairy wood. So tiny and so may details. Love it


So beautiful!! I want to walk right into that scene and camp. :camping:


@gozer, gorgeous mini scene! I want to explore that wood!


This gallery is outstanding! So many fabulous pieces in an array of styles. Simply beautiful.


Oh my gosh, that book nook is so cool and pretty! Love the whole scene and little details. Are those real branches?!


Yes, I was planning on sculpting trees, so I got a branch as an example and realized it would work. They are sealed.


I just received from @Myruka and she spoiled me to pieces! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I had done many swaps on our old site, but this was my first swap on LC, so she has definitely set the bar for future swaps. :eyes:

First, it was packaged just beautifully with lots of cheerful wrapping and an adorable card.

One of my themes is the desert (we live in Arizona), so she made an illuminated canvas! It’s glow is so soothing and just like the desert night sky. :desert: :sparkles: It was so creative to push the lights from the back & through the canvas!

One of my loves is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Two of my favorite places are Taliesin West and Fallingwater. So she took that theme and created a stunning little night light! The golden metallic “lead” is just the perfect touch.

Had to pose it with a crossstitch of Fallingwater my mom made for me. :grin:

Oooh, the glow!

And last, but certainly not least, Myruka harnessed the power of the sun. Another theme of mine is ginkgos. I’ve loved them since I was a child. :two_hearts: So she made me a faux stained glass! It’s already found a home in the art room. We spend so much time in this room, we’ll be sure to enjoy it often. I love the gold detailing again, and that it complements the night light as well! I might move the night light to the art room, so they can live together forever.

Thank you so much, Myruka! You are so very thoughtful, generous, and such a sweet swap partner. :hearts:


@Myruka - the canvas is gorgeous! I love the stars in the night sky. The nightlight is awesome because not only is it pretty, it’s functional. I have a soft spot for functional crafts. And I love the way you incorporated natural light as part of your “light” with the window hanging (I forgot what those are called). Clever and beautiful package!


Ooo, I love all the colors! That canvas is so pretty and the stained glass items are so clever!


Lovely artwork @Myruka and those faux stained glass pieces are great!


@sweets4ever first off, that package got to you so fast!! I’m amazed.
And I’m so glad you liked everything! Stained glass was my very first thought and then I was reading everyone’s post in the forum talking about batteries and plugins and I got nervous! :sweat_smile: I was thinking way outside the box but I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I went for it.

But I also wanted to make sure I did something with either batteries or plug in just to make sure I met the criteria.

The faux stain glass was really fun to work on. I knew immediately that I wanted to do ginkgos or Frank Lloyd Wright and the. I just went with both. :joy:

I had a lot of fun doing the canvas as well. I wasn’t sure I how I wanted to make it light up but then I found the strand of lights and thought “yeah, why not poke them through.” Happy it all worked out and that you really liked them all. It was fun being your partner!

@gozer thank you. The night light was so fun. I was just walking around the store, saw it, thought that’s a perfect shape to do lines on… why not! I told @sweets4ever i didn’t realize it was a blue light but it works. I’ve been wanting to try to do stained glass but that would be another hobby to add with no room to do so I was happy to find faux stained glass on Pinterest.

@Tapestry thank you! They were all really fun to work on.


Faux stained glass!!! :star_struck: OMGosh I need to look this up! Not sure if I could ever rival these beauties, though,

That canvas is so lovely! I went back and forth between something similar and another item! My partner hasn’t received yet so I don’t dare say more…. :zipper_mouth_face:


@FiredGinkgo’s package from @artsycandice just got here and now I just have to look at it for HOURS until she gets home. :sob:

shake shake shake :laughing: