Little felt mushroom ornament

You know, I set a theme for myself for the month of March. Maybe you’ve noticed I have been making MUSHROOMS? LOL. Perhaps you’d like to make one too? I found a cute free pattern last night and made this sweet little felty. I just eyeballed the pattern and did my own version, lots of room for alteration.

I think I’ll save it for our holiday tree, we have a rather large collection of red and white toadstool ornaments already. I sort of like them a little I guess :wink:


Yes, you’ve got the mushroom madness! This one is SO cute!



get it with those shrooms!

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Thanks for the pattern…I need to make something happy, small and done!

It is really cool to see all of your mushrooms…

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Very cute!


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This is so sweet.

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Eep! I love shrooms and your ornament is delightful! Can’t wait to see what else you create for mushroom madness :slight_smile:

Adorable! I’m loving your theme! :mushroom:

I love these kinds of embroidered ornaments. Most of my embroidery Pinterest board is dedicated to these.

Excellent! Now I know where to go for more patterns :grin:

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