Loki cosplay

I made this cosplay about 4 years ago but I checked and I never posted it on a certain old site. Sniffle. If I think back I can imagine why. We were at the time experiencing a rather big family crisis but it’s my favorite cosplay I have ever done for my kid.

And I wanna share it.

The making of Loki’s helmet.

Loki’s coat - I was insanely proud of this as I literally just pieced and fitted it and sewed the thing in an afternoon.

Armor detail - puffy paint on Worbla, spray painted and then used black acrylic and rub n buff for weathering

Ari completed the look :100: though with the perfect Loki attitude. PS dark circles under his eyes are the result of makeup, I promise. I mean the child has never been a great sleeper but it’s not THAT bad.


This is completely awesome. Your son made a perfect Loki and I bet he was thrilled with his costume.


This is amazing, and Loki is one of my favs.

That is incredible!!! That jacket is a masterpiece! :star_struck:

Very impressive work!

@Rlynn I was just talking to gg about rub n buff! I feel like i need to get summa dis.

Also, gold stars for the seem work on that coat/cloak. Oy Vey - what a great piece!!

This is fantastic. :smiley:

That turned out awesome, which you knew of course. :wink: I love seeing progress pictures because sometimes I just can’t wrap my brain around how something was made.

I’m so glad you were finally able to share this. It is outstanding!

Shit happens, sometimes that gets in the way of awesome things, but I’m so glad we finally get to see the costume! It looks great, and the attitude is certainly spot on XD Great costume, really great skills.

You’re such an artist, Robin! I wish I could make costumes like these!

Thank you!!! Also yay, I’m happy to see you’re on here as well, Eva!! :heart:

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Fantastic! Way to go! He looks so appropriately in character miserable thrilled with his outfit!

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