Magpie ATC's from Masterboards

A lot of people joined the last official swaps at the other place when it looked like the end of all time. So many folks signed up for Little Good Things R-2 and a bunch of determined souls upped their ATC claims too. It was nothing short of a determined stick in the eye to whatever overlord thought they could nonchalantly pull the rug out from under us. Look what happened here! A lot of pulling together, behind the scenes work we’ll never know about, and reaching out to each other to hold on tight! I loved seeing that. It helped keep the panicky sense of loss at bay and fixed our eyes firmly on the light.
For myself, I needed some craft therapy and I wanted to use Masterboards that were sent to me in swaps from so many crafters here. And I suddenly found myself with more names and addresses than ever before, woo hoo!
A few nights cutting, couple trips to the print shop, a lot of glue and double sided tape, and this big old batch of Trading Cards was born.

This is about a 1/3 of the total, I think I sent 80. I lost count after a while.


All the hearts. What a labor of love.


That was some incredible therapy session…believe me, you touched the hearts of all of us…it was so surprising to get a random card and mail from you and others…you were part of the glue that held us together…

I love your new name and avatar…a reminder that good can come from bad and that we do rise from the ashes, stronger, better, kinder, and in your case, probably a bit more tired! :sleeping:

Thanks for showing how you pulled off this amazing feat…I am sure there were a bunch more steps inbetween to make such delightful pieces.

Also, it is a bit of others in there,secretly hiding in the backgrounds…that is too awesome to even comprehend!


So much awesome. You are a ray of hope yourself! :star_struck:


So beautiful, @Magpie.


These are beyond wonderful!! They’re like tangible pieces of the genuine love and care that keeps this community together.:heart:


These are so pretty and they came from a good heart, made with love.

Thanks for sharing! :orange_heart::orange_heart:


Thanks! I received one too but I can’t remember if I posted it in the LGT monster thread. Probably wouldn’t be able to find it back even if I had … :slight_smile:


Truly magnificent, and from such a loving, joyous heart! :heart_decoration::green_heart::heart_decoration:

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What a treat to find one of these in the mailbox!

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Some seem to have been waylaid on their travels. I tried to send one to everybody I have an address for. If anyone didn’t receive acard from me and would like one, please send me a message :slight_smile:.

I am 99% sure mine is in a bin of my landlord’s held mail at some post office, because mail forwarding hasn’t worked properly. I don’t know how much longer they’ll be away, but I’ll let you know then if it isn’t with that batch of mail. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got mine, and I was SO touched. It seemed to sum up everything that this community means to me. I wouldn’t have ever met you if it hadn’t been for the C’ster meet-up, even though we only live an hour apart. What a great way to keep the connections live (and announce your new crafter handle.)