Make a Pouch + Fill It - R2 (Send Outs Sept 25, 2023)

Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: Kwality570
Sign-up date range: August 14, 2023 - August 25, 2023
Date to send item on or before: September 25, 2023
Limited to a certain number of people? No


Do you need a new pouch to store things? Do you need a new project bag? Do you need a new pouch to store your pouches? Then this relatively easy and small swap is for you!

For this swap we will be making one pouch + at least 3 filler items based on your partners questionnaire.
Your pouch may be knit, crocheted, woven, sewn, zippered, or drawstring, but must be crafted. Fillers may either be crafted or purchased, but will be extra smalls in terms of time or $ (1 hourish or $5 or less each). Examples include candy, stickers, washi tape, lip gloss, a fun new set of pens or markers, bookmarks, or a pair of earrings. This should be a relatively simple and easy swap!

Tracking or photo of international receipt will be required for this swap
Despite the fact that the packages may be flat, tracking is still required. This will hopefully avoid any lost packages and delays for partners to receive their pouchy goodness!

If you meet these conditions, you can join in on the fun:

  • Has been a member for at least one month
  • Has posted at least 15 times
  • Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple at a time
  • Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps
  • Does not have any negative feedback
  • Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old
  • If within the US, understands that a Tracking number is required for this swap
  • If sending internationally, understands that a shipping receipt with address must be captured

To participate, fill out and return the questionnaire below to organizer @Kwality570.


Name of swap: Make a Pouch + Fill It - R2

Lettuce Craft username:

Email address:

Your real name + mailing address as needs to be written on packages:

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?

Are you at least 16 years old?

Any allergens in your home (animals or smoke)?

Do you have any allergies?

How do you plan to construct your pouch (sewn, crochet, knit, woven, etc)?

Are there any types or sizes of pouches that you would NOT like to receive?

What size do you prefer for your pouch (rough dimensions will work)?

Is there something specific you’d like to use this pouch for (pencil case, makeup pouch, project bag, etc)?

What are your favorite colors?

What are your least favorite colors?

What are your favorite patterns?

What are your least favorite patterns?

List 10 small things you would be thrilled to receive as extras:

Are there any items that you would prefer NOT to receive as extras?

Do you have a Pinterest or other online site with favorites for inspiration?

Do you understand that tracking is required for shipping within the US and an image must be captured for International receipts?

Will you post in the swap thread once before and periodically during the crafting period?

Is there anything else you’d like your partner to know?

If you’re struggling with the list of 10 extras, here is a fun list from @geekgirl: Make a Pouch + Fill It - R2 (Send Outs Sept 25, 2023) - #6 by geekgirl

# Participant Partner Date Sent Partner
1 kwality570 Dfabbric 9/25/23 In Progress.
2 jillybeans MistressJennie 9/25/23 9/27/23 Positive.
3 geekgirl Sonjaboo 9/25/23 In Progress.
4 Abbeeroad Tapestry 9/21/23 9/26/23 Positive.
5 Sonjaboo geekgirl 10/2/23 10/4/23 Positive. Sent late with communication.
6 MistressJennie jillybeans 9/15/23 9/18/23 Positive.
7 Curiousfae Chameleonhound 9/14/23 9/17/23 Positive.
8 TeacherGirl Magpie 9/14/23 9/21/23 Positive with poor communication.
9 Bunny1Kenobi Manders 9/23/23 10/2/23 Positive.
10 Manders Bunny1kenobi 9/14/23 8/16/23 Positive.
11 Tapestry Abbeeroad 8/28/23 8/31/23 Positive.
12 Dfabbric Kwality570 9/23/23 10/2/23 Positive.
13 Chameleonhound Curiousfae 9/26/23 9/27/23 Positive.
14 Magpie Teachergirl 9/14/23 9/25/23 Positive.



I’ll try to get my Q in this week! Woohoo!!


Yes! It should be a fun and easy swap!!! I’m really looking forward to it!

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Yay! I’ll be signing up

Also if people need ideas for small purchased items here’s a list we compiled during last year’s Santa’s Sack swap:

Pens: cute or fancy pens, ball point, gel pen, posca pen
Candy, chocolate, Pez candy dispensers, licorice, local treats
ATC blanks
hair accessories
condiment bowl
craft supplies
lip balm
bath bombs
coffee, tea, cocoa
soap dish
Fun shaped bag clips
wonderclips for sewing or equivalent
fat quarters


Yes! Thanks for that list!

Ooo, I’m distinctly interested in this one! Would it be weird for me to wish for a pouch full of spooky season goodies?

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Not at all! Totally acceptable since that stuff is already out in stores. :slight_smile:

I was happy to see it last time I went shopping. I can’t lie; I’m so looking forward to fall.

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This looks like such fun! I’ll have a good look at my diary and see if it’s going to work out date-wise.

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If I get feedback on my other swap before the signups end, then I’ll join. :slight_smile:

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Oh I just gotta join!!! I did the other round and got the most amazing zippered pouch from @Fonduie ! Its just so beautiful! It now lives in my purse to help hold all my random bits and bobs! The past swapped forced me to learn a new pattern and I probably made over 10 of those drawstring bags after I made the first one! I’m ready to learn a new pattern!


Yay! Welcome to the swap!!!

I have one of those drawstring bags from the STS and I love it. I can’t wait to see what you make this round.

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Calling all swappers (who haven’t commented here yet) from the previous round in case there’s interest:
@AudiobookLover @camelama @MightyMitochondria @Magpie @HolographicDreams @SonjaBoo @Fonduie

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I just sent in my Q! @geekgirl’s list was super helpful while trying to think of 10 extras. Thanks! :smile:

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yay! Welcome to you and @geekgirl! We’ve got a great group so far!!!

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I haven’t done a swap in a while but might need to sign up for this one :thinking:


Yes! Yes! Super easy and fun to do. :slight_smile: And who couldn’t use an extra pouch to store their treasures? :pouch:


You sneaky little temptress you!


I just read your message and wiggled my eyebrows like you could see me. Ha! I’m sure you can imagine it instead. :wink: