Mandioca Frita (Fried Cassava)

This root vegetable goes by many names: cassava, yucca, manioc… in my region of Brazil, we call it mandioca; in other regions they call it aipim. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the word aipim may be one of its original, indigenous names.

Whatever you call it, it’s delicious and nutritious, as long as you soak and boil away the cyanide first. Like beans, raw manioc is poisonous.

Manioc is also what’s used to make tapioca starch, which is used to make pão de queijo.

I’ve been seeing manioc at the grocery store here for the last few years, but I’ve been too intimated to buy it, because I ate it as a kid, but had never cooked it myself.

Well, today was the day!

And it turned out great!

First, I peeled the manioc (I wish I’d taken a picture first!), then soaked it for a few hours. Then I rinsed it and returned it to the pot with fresh water. Then I cooked it until the water boiled, plus another 10 minutes.

Then I deep fried, it shook some salt on top, and here we are:

Soooo good :yum:



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That looks interesting, and laborious!

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Boiling away cyanide :flushed:

Yep! Cassava contains cyanide, but only when raw. So do apple seeds and the pit of fruits like cherries, or stones in fruit like peaches.

For cassava, soaking it will leach out some of the cyanide, and boiling will pretty much get rid of any concerns.

Here’s some info from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the subject:

Albeit due to different compounds, other toxic food includes most raw beans. The leaves of the rhubarb plant are also toxic.

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I’m really curious on how this tastes. Congratulations on a successful first batch!

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I told ya’ll many posts ago. We all need to go camp out in the wonderous Chef’s house.

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Mmm…I love yuca fries! These look delicious.

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Can i give a reply 10,000 hearts??? :heart:

“Wondrous chef” has me grinning from ear to ear :heart:

I think the closest thing would be “home fries”-- thick cut fries that are crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. But that describes more the texture than the flavour, I suppose… theres not much I’ve had that tastes exactly like it.

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