Here’s one I custom printed and sewed for early voting yesterday.


This is AMAZING!!! :fist::muscle::ok_hand:

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There are a couple more that I’ve done that I don’t have photos of as of yet!


Love all the fun fabrics everyone is using! @PhoenixFireDesigns, that is an epic mask!! XD

And now, here’s my photo dump of masks completed since last post. I am definitely slowing down.


The next 26 or so adult masks:


Most of my masks go to a hospital group. I just heard that my masks have been in weddings (spiderman mask), board meetings, transplant operations and ICUs (people auditing, they use the cloth masks either over or under their less than adequate paper masks), given to homeless people, incarceration intake centers, college kids. They have been distributed widely.
The children’s masks have gone to the hospital day care, the children’s hospital, the Institute of Living child care. My contact tries to make sure that the underprivileged kids get a chance at a mask or two. And they love them.
I have received some very nice thank you letters, but for me, it’s my covid anxiety therapy. Making these relieves some of my stress and has reduced some stash, though I have had to buy fabric for the lining…I keep running out.


I toooootally get it. Mom and I have been giving our masks to the food bank, a women’s shelter, and a nursing home most recently, as well as still having free ones on the porch for delivery people (at least a couple are still taken every week! Yay!), and we definitely do it for the anxiety therapy. I’ve been slowing down on my mask making as I get more involved in swaps and other crafting, but have still been making at least ten or so a week.

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