Let’s continue posting our completed masks, masks-in-progress, pattern feedback and reviews, and just chatting in general about all things DIY masks!

NOSE GUARDS , y’all! Here:


Good idea! The need for masks is not going to end soon. I’m starting to sew up masks again after a long month break to dismantle and re-organize the craft room. I still have lots of tasks, but slipping in some mask making always is doable.


Heck yeah for the Mask-along! Thank you for organizing this Abbeeroad. :heart:


Wonderful!! Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll post some more soon! XD

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I made these yesterday! My friend made a few with a CraftPassion tutorial, and send me a couple. I wanted a few more, so I spent about an hour staring at hers, tracing fabric pieces, and guessing my way through. You know, instead of asking her for the pattern. Common sense no where to found yesterday!
These turned out great, and I mailed them off to my mother in law, who is going back to work in her school and needs to supply her own PPE. I washed more fabric this morning, and will try to get some pieces cutout after dinner tonight.


Here are the masks I’ve made since 7/27.

We’ve finally started finishing some kids’ sized ones for the food bank!

Also, I made this Washington State seal mask to show my appreciation for the Lt Gov’s campaign to make and share more masks!

Trying to decide if I should make another and send it to Lt. Gov. Habib himself!


I finally made my own mask and with it I’ve achieved peak Sound of Music:

My Grammie made the curtains probably 30+ years ago. I made the pants probably 16 years ago and this week I made the mask. I’m inordinately proud of how it all matches.

I used Magpie’s darted front pattern. I’m pleased with how it turned out and how it fits.


@roler Your Washington mask is awesome! I think you should send one to Lt. Gov. Habib.

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I love, love, love your Sound of Music collection. I bet Grammie is so proud. :heart:

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Love that you reverse engineered the mask your friend made @CraftsUntold!

I agree - @roler send one to the Lt. Gov!

Super cool matching set @saranethx!


Love this thread! Glad there is a place to continue our mask-related pursuits. :slight_smile: I haven’t made more masks yet, though I am working on developing my own pattern with a few personal preferences built into it.

Also, today I made myself an “ear-saver;” I sewed two cute buttons to the ends of a piece of stretchy black lace, and now I can take some of the pressure off my ears when I wear my mask for periods longer than just popping out to check the mail or whatnot.


I’ve been meaning to make myself an ear-saver, but couldn’t figure out how long to make it! I guess I’ll just have to experiment a bit. :slight_smile: I was going to crochet mine; think that would work?


A couple more days’ worth of masks!

And I think I will send one to Lt. Gov. Habib! I’ll update after I’ve written, and if he replies :slight_smile:


Great job! You chose lovely fabrics.

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I’m WFH. Mostly I’m making masks in the off chance I’ll be called back to work.

Do any of you put nose guards in your masks? When I started making masks in March I used pipe cleaners but haven’t used anything for a while. Some people have asked about them but I have no idea where to even get them.


Welcome, wryly! I see this is your first post. I have only used pipe cleaners and bread ties. However, I searched “nose wires for masks” on Amazon yesterday and found quite a few options.

Hi there and welcome!

Yeah, same, I’ve heard from some people that they use the ones you can get on Amazon, and some definitely prefer them (esp. to help with the glasses-fogging problem), but I don’t put any into my masks. They don’t fit everyone perfectly, but most people I’ve given them to say they’re really comfortable and fit well! So I guess it’s just up to personal preference. :slight_smile:

@roler Crochet would totally work! It just needs to be a thing that goes behind your head with buttons or hooks or clips on each end to pull your mask straps away from your ears a bit. I could see crochet ribbing or moss stitches working well-flexible but not super stretchy. (Lovely new masks by the way!)

@wryly Welcome! We’re glad you’ve joined us. :hugs:

NOSE GUARDS, y’all! Here:

I saw them advertised on Facebook a while ago, and figured it didn’t matter since obviously this would pass quickly. Ha. So, with the help of @AIMR (who showed a picture of masks with these exact clips and PM’d me their site name when I couldn’t find them again! Yay!), I purchased the 50 straight /50 curved pack. They arrived in under a week.

I’m going to sound like a salesman, guys, but I pretty seriously believe there are no better, stronger, more effective, or more cost effective (for purchase; obviously there are many cheaper homebrew solutions-but I would argue they don’t measure up in the function I’m wanting) options on the market currently. I did so much research and everything was so expensive, or had such questionable reviews, or seemed so flimsy. It’s a steel company; these are stainless steel, so they can be thrown in the wash! The curved ones fit perfectly in the channels I’d already made for my masks (made from the CraftPassion pattern at the top of this thread), and I’ve sewn a few on to other friends’ store bought masks and it hugely improved the fit and hold. I’ve also found that it significantly reduces my glasses fogging up because it’s a tight, solid fit to my face. Don’t push too hard when you form them, though, or you’ll bruise your nose! :laughing:

Seriously, if you’re looking to buy nose clips, go with these! :heart: :heart: :heart:


I am glad they are working for you! I have even sent just the nose parts to people that I already made masks for and they said the masks stay on way better! I think since my bulk mask making is done, I am going to start making channels for them to be put on the inside for a nicer look.


Same! I gave them to my boyfriend and parents to slide into their masks (same pattern I’ve been using). I will also be mailing one to my Great Aunt so she can use it in other things. :slight_smile: