Masterboard atc blanks

You know what is fun? Masterboards.

You know what is funner? Masterboard atc blanks with black edging!

(Just kidding grammar peeps. I know it’s ‘more fun.’)

Just cut the masterboards to 2 1/4 by 3/14 and glue to black atc sized cardstock and voila!

I have received tons of masterboards from swaps, especially from the dead site, so you might recognize some of your work! I made 55 of these suckers today!

I decided to do this because the ones I made the other day looked so cool, and I need more space in my craft area. I will store these in 9 sleeve pockets in a binder, which will make it easier to choose atc backs when I am ready to create! I have many more masterboards to work with still!

I have lots of other color cardstock scraps, but I find it just doesn’t make them pop the same as the black does.


Funner - hee hee.

Oh, it killed me to write that…ha!

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Ahh, you beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But grammar aside, I love all these different colours and looks!

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Yup, I’m all about the borders, these look great and greater with the black

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These are great!!! I might have to borrow that technique and putting them in pocket sleeves is genius so I might borrow that idea too! :grin:

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I don’t know why I didn’t think to do either one sooner!

They are glorious! I recognize your pineapple print, that’s what I made a recent carrot card out of, no kidding!

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OH, I don’t remember seeing it.

I love those black/white/orange ones!

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I do recognize some of those! I love the black edging.

I have a box I keep ATC blanks in. They are in various stages of plain cardstock, cut up masterboards, and some with enhancements already on them. I work best in stages.

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Wow! you have been busy! Looks good!

Wow, someone is ready for an ATC swap, it would appear! They look really great- the black does make them pop for sure!

I’m seeing masterboard everywhere but I can’t figure out what it is. Can someone give me a brief definition? Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s where you make a background using anything: paint, stencil, collage, etc. It should look crazy-like a hot mess, but when cut it up, it makes great backgrounds for all sortsof things: atcs, cards, tags, etc.

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Oh, they are just the best!

Here’s a mixed media tutorial

And another just paint & stamps tutorial


I love all of them!

I don’t see any from me but I do have one of these from you from long ago that I’ve been hoarding, erm, saving!